Cardano and Bitcoin Both Were Moving High In Price Cardano Next Price Target Is 0.2$

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Cardano and bitcoin both were moving high in price but when you look at this particular five-day price bar four card down you see that dollar topped out on july 24 2020 on this particular five-day price bar you see my line right there cardano topped out around 15 and a half cents bitcoin traded as a high of eleven thousand four hundred and seventeen dollars and eleven cents and then look what occurred cardano started showing us indications of weakness bitcoin


Bitcoin follow weakness both markets came down in price for august but look what's going on with cardano versus bitcoin bitcoin is still in this bullish trend cardano is not in a bullish trend cardano is in a consolidation phase this is where th market separated itself from trading in comparison bitcoin definitely is showing more demand into the market than cardano is this is one indication that both markets do not trade the same this is the price action of bitcoin the price action of cardano starting from october 2nd one is trending higher the other one is just trading sideways so again bitcoin does not lift all markets bitcoin is continuing to show us this massive bonus trend towards twenty thousand dollars while cardano cannot even break restriction at 11 cents


Cardano should be showing us some boldness continuation as well but i just wanted to show you all that is not the case that bitcoin does not correct cardano a lot of the emphasis a lot of the news media speaking on bitcoin at this particular moment no one is speaking on cardano no one is interested in holding cardano at this particular moment because if it were then the demand and the price movement would definitely have surpassed this 11 cent restriction area initially you see our expectations were for the market to go lower in price for cardano