Power up everything on Hive and Leo accounts!

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When you did it once there is no way back, that's the way it works, powering up and looking your account getting stronger and stronger is quite addictive.
There's no better way to be supportive on the chain and it's projects, dump is not an option if you really have vision and faith, i have both, i known what Hive is capable of and i strongly believe for its success, the same goes for Leo and Leofinance, dump is not an option either not until we hit 5$ (i will probably dump some daily rewards then) and it's enough to strongly pump my Hive bags.


121 Hive and 124 Leo staked in my accounts and i feel so damn good, it feels good because i have work for it and it's nice when you ripe the fruits of your work.
About my numbers, my leo account is almost back to the Lion badge field (14.4K staked) and my Hive jumped to 3.3K, hot stuff!


Seeing the above chart it's pretty clear that my Hive growth is significant, almost 600 Hive powered up in 30 days period, everything from Hive activities (gaming, tokens exchange, posting etc), impressive.
The plan still remains the same, be a dolphin as soon as possible (Hive), recapture my position as lion and then revaluate my targets (Leo).

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That's the spirit man!

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Coooooool activity! Hope HIVE and LEO will bring us to the moon 🚀🚀🚀🚀

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