Power up day is more than once a month!

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I know, Hive power up day is the first day of each month, i also participated this month too for first time.
But it seems i have possessed by some Hive power up ghost and i can't stop, check that nice spike!!


It's a 1000 HP power up!
I had some HIVE on binance from a previous trade, and with my today's purchase i make it 1000!! Now I'm standing on 4,320 HP and i can clearly see the open sea that dolphins playing (1000 to go), with a small push and i will be there very soon.


It's very important to mention that i was planning to achieve dolphinhood by selling some leo, i did not sell any leo for that purpose yet, so the pleasure is even greater, keeping my sweet sweet leo while my Hive account pumps hard!!

Well done me

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Congrats! Any time is good to Keep staking HP.

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Thank you!

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i think is a week or so i'll be a dolphin! come to the dolphin side, we need more :P Greek community needs to rule

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I think you already are dolphin, 5.22k

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i just turned to one today! it needed 5250 :P

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You probably don’t want to sell your Leo. Too many exciting things happening here. Can’t wait for the airdrop..

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I don't want to and probably i don't need to, leo is gonna be big.

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