One more gift from BetFury!

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Three months have passed since I started a kind of experiment on BetFury see here, which i'm trying to use the free BTC the site offers every 20 mins (1800 sats daily if you claim it all) to mine their token BFG and got dividends by holding it.
I really don't pay much attention lately on betfury, still Betfury keep rewarding me very well especially a referral of mine and along with my daily staking rewards gifted me some juicy free HIVE, 196 Hive to be precisely!


Hive is super cheap for a long time now, making it automatically a great buy for people like me, people that believe in Hive. Many people complaining about Hive's price and how outperform compared to other cryptos, i have to say just one thing, buy now you have the chance to buy cheao and stop complaining. The price won't go up from it's own, people have to buy, how you can youexpect any price increase when Hivers (who must support the platform) just dump at 0.11$?


Keep dumping your bags at 0.11$ while i fill mine sooooo cheap!

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How do I get BFG tokens? Maybe I'm a bit slow, but I haven't figured out yet!

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Why didn't I think of this , can I withdraw the free fuacet BTC? What's the minimum withdrawal?

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You can withdraw anything you have enough balance

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Amazing. What do you suggest? Betting and farming BGF token or withdraw?

The ideal for me is to have enough BFG for daily staking rewards. But it's your money, do what you think better.


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Good job bro!

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εχεις ενα δικιο τωρα η αληθεια ειναι

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