Good odds for promotion on League of Champions after a long and steady period on League 1

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My team Chalkida F.C. must be one of the most stable teams in the entire game, since i got promoted on league 1 (in my second season on League 2) i've always finish the season between 2nd and 5th place (except the period i was promoted on League of Champions and relegated again). It's true that i could do better if i wanted, you know buy better players, spent some Hive etc, but i am a football lover in real life so upgrading my Youth Academy first of all (betterchances to scout good players) and my other facilities secondly was way more logical to me even if it costed me the promotion in some cases.

Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης 75.png

It seems that my "Dutch" plan (i love the way Ajax work with youngsters) was great choice and my entire team is staffed with young great players from my Academy like the following 19yo striker with salary 400 RBN..

Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης 77.png

So it's obvious that i haven't sell any RBN on market yet and my profit isn't high like other players, still is 45 Hive just by ranking well on League 1 (32 Hive initial investment, 77 Hive already returned). Now with my Academy on lvl 10 (not the best but well enough to scout 18yo players with OS around 70-75), my Stadium at lvl 9 (9 day to finished) aka 5000 seats and my other facilities all over 8-9 lvl i can sell some RBN for Hive.


2screenshot 1.png

Those are my half season financials with my current facilities (they all upgraded), around 5M RBN approximately in the end of the season + 1.67M from the Ad contract will be my seasons profits! When the stadium and the other facilities are ready those numbers will be even greater and along with my young team (less salaries at least for some years) the numbers will be good enough to sustain some RBN sells every now and then!

i have already set my first 5M sell order for 49.6 Hive, so if everything went smoothly Rabona could be a very very nice Hive machine!

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50 hive not bad at all!

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Not at all!
Its already in my wallet!