Why Investing in Hive Brings Joy! My Favorite Adult "Nerd" Toy

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Investing into Hive and H-E Tokens

In light of Bitcoin's recent pump, at first I was a little bit upset with myself for buying so much Hive recently, but then I thought about something... I spend more time on Hive than any other blockchain and it's even more rewarding since I've bought not just Hive but other Hive-Engine tokens as well.

Having Hive seems to be psychological in some ways, not just for yourself but other Hive users as well if you're here to post and receive engagement. Everyone has a different reason why they're on Hive but what seems to be common is people genuinely enjoy when others engage with them and specifically on their posts.

I see many new users struggle to receive this kind of engagement and they may be leaving after enough posts they spend hours making don't receive what they feel it deserves, whether it be monetary or just simply engagement. This is what I mean that buying Hive yields dividends in the long term for that type of activity, which will then make you appreciate this DPOS system even more...

Hive Engagement

Some Highlights of holding Hive are simple and this post is geared more to new users and those who look at Hive solely as an investment to get huge crypto like returns because I think most veterans of the platform figured this out a long time ago, but especially more recently as the price is holding around where it currently sits.

I'm here to tell you, don't expect Hive to moon anytime soon. There isn't really any upcoming catalyst beyond a general alt coin bull run Hive may take part in, or it could pump and dump from some whale but that won't do you any good with the amount of time it takes to unstake.

For new users though, you should expect that having more Hive will bring you more engagement should you use your voting power effectively. Overtime this will mean more comments and upvotes on your own posts to help bring your reputation up. Having a higher reputation seems to matter when it comes to receiving manual upvotes because it's an easy metric to quickly spot out for other Hivers to see if your post is worthy of clicking in the first place.

Source: hubspot.net

Hive-Engine: Community Engagement

Much like the concept I mentioned of holding Hive for general Hive engagement, the same holds true for the various communities / tribes on the platform to which you buy their tokens from Hive-Engine. So obviously if there is a community that you're aligned with, holding tribe tokens is definitely an additional way to enhance your Hive experience.

You'll also notice the tags people use in their post: e.g.

  • Leofinance = Crypto, Investment, Stock, Money Making, etc.
  • Creativecoin = Art, photography
  • Foodie/Food = Recipes, Food Photography, Restaurant Reviews
  • Neoxian = General community, with a Splinterlands spin
  • Palnet = General community
  • Mancave = General community with Hive Vets and like minded menofcrypto

The list goes on...

Source: hive-engine.com

Hive Brings Joy! It's my Favorite Toy

So to conclude I have no regrets in purchasing Hive just like I don't regret buying video games or going all out on a hobby. Hive is my favorite crypto hobby and there is nothing that even compares. I have made more internet friends here and the more I put the work in the more rewarding it becomes.

It's been much more fun being able to give more generous upvotes and receive comments, follows and ultimately new friendships. It's a great way to network with an international community and get new ideas to enhance projects you may be working on yourself.

Hive is also very addictive, especially when you have the app Parler on your phone and receive the notifications when you're not constantly logged in on your computer. I get more upvotes here on Hive than I ever got on any other social media platform and I'm pretty sure that's why everyone is on them in the first place!

How do you feel about Hive's price?

More importantly, how do you feel about if the Hive you hold has brought you joy?!

Source: images.hive.blog

That's all folks, thanks for stopping by!

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I agree with every word you've said here, it's a nice writing for new users, showing what's important here. It is addictive, no question about it. Hive has become part of my life and I don't regret it. Building my account fro almost three years now has been a lot of fun and now i can enjoy supporting others too.

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Yea it's nice to have been here for 3 years as well. Things were so much different back then with voting bots too! It's been a great experience with plenty of growing pains and learning experiences. It's a constant thing you have to research: e.g. tags to use, tags you should have used, when to include pimapple, contests to participate in, engaging more outside your own posts, the list goes on and on!

I sort of felt the same way for a moment but then I realised that I don't even have enough money to be actually affected by the move in Bitcoin. I'll rather just have fun curating and trading stuff on Hive-engine for fun than be bothered about all that speculation and pointless crypto tribalism they do outside.

Hopefully, we can get some more Bitcoin people to come and play with us on Leo, and by extension, Hive.

Yup exactly! Maybe a lot of us felt this way and that's why Hive isn't dumping so badly! I don't really see it the same as I do other crypto I buy outside of Hive / Engine tokens. Those are fun money tokens

Fun money tokens, lets call it FMT

Hive Engagement

Hive is so small community that if you cannot succeed or monetize in Hive then it is very slim chance that you can succeed outside of it.

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Yea that's true, you have to put in work to succeed in just about everything in life! Otherwise you're just a quitter!