Why I Invest Into Cardano

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Why I Invest Into Cardano

An Alternative Blockchain to Ethereum

It surprises me when people aren't looking into alternatives to ETH, considering the fees and the fact that a stabilized Ethereum 2.0 is years away. The reason I explore other blockchains that support DAPPs like ETH is because I don't have a lot of confidence in their team and governance philosophy. I know Vitalik Buterin is a genius and basically invented smart contracts, but look at Edison versus Tesla, genius only takes you so far and a good management philosophy is what really propels a company.

Vitalik hosts his development meetings at Pizza hut where other blockchain networks like Cardano have a much more organized approach. First, they started off centralized with IOHK building the foundation for the long term plan. Eventually IOHK plans to give this power up once the blockchain is ready.

ADA (Cardano) has already implemented POS and what's next is smart contracts. They also have a program to show DAPP developers how to easily migrate to ADA from ETH. Considering that ETH fees are insane, especially during a period of hype, I think a lot of DAPPs will be looking for alternatives. I don't think these DAPP developers have explored anything outside of ETH because there really isn't anything at the same scale, at least for now.

Once ADA implements smart contracts it's going to be over for ETH. I don't know exactly how this will affect the token's price, but I have confidence it will surpass it's previous all-time high, which is about 7-10x. This could happen quickly too and prior to them implementing smart contracts, who knows.

Take a Look at Cardano's Commits

Source: cryptoslate.com

A picture tells a thousand words. While I realize that this doesn't exactly mean it's working harder than the ETH team, it does tell you that they're working hard to progress their development and meet their roadmap.

Shelly was their most recent achievement, which as stated was their migration to a proof of stake network (achieved before ETH). Next is Gogeun, and IOHK has mentioned this is expected to be launched sometime early next year

Source: roadmap.cardano.org


In summary, I'm still a fan of ETH and I think it's good to spread your risk and diversify your portfolio. Cardano has a lot of room to grow in terms of market capitalization and if it achieves what it promises it could go to a 50bn MC, which is well over 10x.

Last but not least, IOHK / Charles Hoskinson is going to be taking on DEFI. That's surely going to be a game changer for it's price!

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Cardano best crypto!

Was waiting for your comment! I feel like we're the only ones around here on the ADA train!

There are some others, but they aren't as active on Hive anymore.

Great article


I didn't know about Cardano

Good blockchain and alternative for ethereum I will try to invest some

It’s always good to diversify and this is a top 10 coin and has been for quite some time.

genius only takes you so far and a good management philosophy is what really propels a company.

Well said. If Cardano's team is as devoted, efficient, and fast in implementing the things/updats as you mentioned, then this project is definitely worth looking forward to.

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