Uphold List Hive - Let's Jump On This Tweet!

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Uphold List Hive

On March 23 the 3speak twitter account made a tweet citing Upholds twitter. And, the account responded...

So I jumped all over this and piggy backed on what everyone else was doing to help show Uphold that the Hive community is serious... They responded to me!

The main reason I am familiar with uphold is because I'm a brave user earning Basic Attention Token (BAT). Uphold is the preferred wallet for BAT rewards when using Brave.

If Uphold lists Hive this could help in being a good way that brave users could convert their BAT to Hive!

Currently 31 Cryptos on Uphold, is Hive Next?

Maybe if we all show support and tweet back to this string we will continue to show Uphold our strong community and reinforce the idea of Hive being next on their list of crypto currencies to add.

Source: uphold.com

The time to take advantage of Hive price action is now, FOMO is a powerful force. Not many coins have pumped in the past two weeks since the Bitcoin price has stabilized, and I suspect this shows that Hive is not your average forked coin.

In fact, even though Hive is a fork of Steemit, it's unlike most forks and you can't even compare it to other forked coins... especially ETC.

Next Stop $1 Hive

I really do see Hive going past $1... If you consider Steemit's past, 1 Steem used to be over $6 and there has only been serious developmental progress since that time.

What will help show Hive's credibility in the market? In my opinion it's being listed and more available. When there are holders of Hive and they realize it has an actual use case, it will bring more users here and lead to more adoption of a decentralized social media platform that the world is practically begging for these days...

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I gotchu!😎

Thanks dude! You can submit a request here too: https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thanks for sharing this, I just left my request to add $HIVE on the Twitter thread

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You can submit a request here too: https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

On it, thanks.

It's obvious hive needs all these collaboration. Thanks for sharing

I'm headed over there now to request that they add Hive. Thanks for pointing this out.

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They've been showing serious interest in Hive too, just trying to push them over the edge!

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You can submit a request here too: https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I just submitted one

I tend to leave my BAT in my browser and haven't moved it out. I think Uphold is still on the ETH network so I have been waiting to see whether or not they will move to a cheaper chain. It would definitely be nice if HIVE gets there to avoid the hassle of converting elsewhere.

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Next Stop $1 Hive
That is what we are waiting for

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Let’s make it happen

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Nice good to see. The $1 value is near.