Invest in Cryptobrewmaster Beer Brew v 0.1 | Lets celebrate upcoming Alpha Version with an ALPHA BEER

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As been mentioned in Steem Meetup Aachen (I guess it was the last official real Steem meetup in Europe by the former community) and planned even earlier in Bangkok that the best players of @cryptobrewmaster could receive a possibility to brew their own beer and get their names on the bottle, or just get mentioned, we are looking forward to making that things happen!

We discussed this project with @detlev, and were about to launch in April, but then the COVID19 ruined our plans!

Now we are restarting, but due to the current circumstances, we go for a test batch fully responsible by ourselves, the @cryptobrewmaster team.

  1. Brewing 2000 liters instead of 1000
  2. Covid19 and semi lockdown situation (in our country finally restaurants are opened since today) so we are about to take all the risks on ourselves.

The team

The plan

  • Brew some nice and tasty Pale Ale with citrusy hops х 2000L
  • Make a good marketing for a whole event, mentioning Hive, @cryptobrewmaster game, and a community \ investors involved
  • Engage the community - show the moments from the brew day, tasting notes, reports and so on in closed discord channel
  • Revenue goes to cover the investors' funds + 20% interest \ @hiveuacharity \ liquidity of buying and burning some cbm token \ management expences

The brewery


Brewery where we are going to brew our CBM - Alpha Pale Ale is located in Kyiv city suburb area. (I'll leave a @pinmapple here), capacities are 30.000 Liters monthly.

photo_2020-06-24_22-40-42 (2).jpg

All the process takes 3 weeks, from the mash to the beer, that is ready!

photo_2020-06-24_22-40-42 (3).jpg

The investments plan

  • funding 2000L of beer by team @cryptobrewmaster = 1650 EUR
  • anyone can join the beer brew batch funding with buyng CBM tokens
  • min share is 50 EUR max is 165 EUR bought in CBM tokens (push the screenshot of the transaction here in the comments section)
  • After the beer is sold out we rebuy directly from the investors with a 20% interest rate...

Buy your share today and be a part of the history)))

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If there is any way some of the real physical beer bottles that you guys brew can be shipped to the US please let me know and I will buy some and cover the shipping costs!

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Also just bought 20k CBM. You can check my balance here:

Really cool project!

Thanks for joining, @yabapmatt. Now I need to add you to the closed chat on the discord)
Regarding the shipment, I think it's impossible due to covid19 and a alcohol delivery restrictions. But we will check!)


You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

For those wondering, at current pricing

Current HIVE Price: €0.213709
Current CBM Price: 0.03550 HIVE

€50 = ~234 HIVE
234 HIVE = ~6,592 CBM

So your minimum investment in 6,592 CBM and maximum 21,746 CBM

Thanks, that what I actually should do and attach to the post))

My suggestion is the remove all of the confusion remove the minimum and maximum investments. You are able to set the price of the tokens after all.


  1. Set the token price daily based on HIVE price. Cash out the invested HIVE ASAP so that you have your funding
  2. Buy back all the tokens at the end of the investment period in the same manner

You know the required investment amount in EUR and the promised return amount.

OR for the sake of simplicity you could work purely in HIVE :)

The thing is that the @cryptobrewmaster game token and economy already connected to USD price, and we set the current price as we see it, to make it grow later.

The idea behind min and the max BeerBrew investing amount is that we don't want to get into that closed club a guy who bought 10 CBM, later I will have pain in the ass to manage all these small ones.

So 50 EUR is the minimum, on the other hand, 165 is maximum because we don't want only one guy closing the proposal working with at least 10 people here)

Cool.Thanks for this information. I did not even realise there was a game involved here. I look forward to seeing the games progression and I am also happy to take part in this project.


Cool 😎 will get u a rank at the discord shortly! Welcome to the club)

I wanne join dear @cryptobrewmaster -- How much is 165 Euro in CBM or Hive

Grab your own referral link and show us some love with your posts) :rocket:

This week also will be a roadmap upgrade and a BeerBrew project update!

Glad to see you back in the saddle. Awesome game on the Hive blockchain.


Love seeing more games coming to Hive!! Looking forward to playing.

Rising Star The brand new Hive NFT game. Play for FREE now!

Loving it. Just an idea but I had been experimenting with qr codes for joining hive.

I don't know if you have designed the label yet but this qr code is linked to the hive-blockchain account which is used for on boarding and delegating to new users. The design is cool and it would look great on any product as well as letting people sign up from the beer bottle.



I was trialling the idea with some clothes design and though it might work well with your product.

That's cool! We are going to have a qr coder leading to a web page with all the investors nicknames, our @cryptobrewmaster game and an onboarding ofc...

Nice hoody btw !BEER

Hey @niallon11, here is a little bit of BEER from @rollie1212 for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

And Yes, @niallon11 we already printed some Tshirts with our logo)

Wow the price has pumped quite a lot, kind of out my league now unfortunately!

I could have sworn there were tens of thousands on the Market the other day at the price you specified above, it's getting on for double that now!

I guess you're funded, congratulations!

@revisesociology the idea is still the same! It means you can buy tokens in the amount of 50EUR min, then when we sell the batch, we rebuy the same amount of tokens you bought for a 50EUR in USDT x1,2 interest) So the CBM price should not be an issue for you!

Oh I see, it's $50 of tokens, do the ones I already own count towards that or are looking for entirely new investment?

I'm doing financial things tomorrow,


@revisesociology its a new investment.
!BEER cheers! Have a good TGIF)🙏

Actually I will invest, I can make a post about it and get about 15-20% off, effectively!

Hey @revisesociology, here is a little bit of BEER from @cryptobrewmaster for you. Enjoy it!

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Excellent news! glad you all are re-starting this up 😀

Thanks! Cheers! Gonna be an awesome brew


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What is 165 EUR worth in CBM tokens?

I will buy some to enter this. I presume US residents are not exempt.

Great initiative.

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What is 165 EUR worth in CBM tokens?

I will buy some to enter this. I presume US residents are not exempt.

Great initiative.

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Welcome to the club, just assigned you a rank on a discord, and there are a special closed group for that! Gonna be fun!

interesting idea, where can one buy tokens?


Hive - Engine or

Hi - I will definitely buy a share, in a few days when I do my finances for the end of the month!

What a great marketing campaign for Hive, love it! And the fusion of real world teach world!

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Yes-yes, we hope to get mentioned with that at least in local crypto press)

Looks interesting...

Пришлось конкретно потрудиться, чтобы в евро подсчитать. В общем покупал с расчета 1 HIVE = 0.2073 евро.


Скупился на 786 HIVE*0.2073= около 162,9378 Евро. Получилось купить - 16,730 CBM

okay! we got your numbers fixed!

can we get PIXEL token and GROW token involved in the game somehow too? Hive based tokens!

we will think about it in a few weeks, still lots of work

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Screenshot 20200627 at 05.18.33.png

Hi I just bought 280 Hive's worth which is about 55 Euros,

Had go with the minimum, things are bit tight as I've lost a lot of income recently!

Great! I will process you into the secret room!

Hey @revisesociology, here is a little bit of BEER from @rollie1212 for you. Enjoy it!

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Can you please specify how many CBM's you bought in this deal?

Since this involves beer so this was either the most smart or most stupid investment of my life. Time will tell :D


getting you into the secret room)