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Many people look at their accounts in the monetary sense of how much it is worth. How much you have stake equals the overall value ,but I see it very differently as I believe it offers far more. This is something that can be passed on to my kids or grandkids as I think Hive or something similar (maybe another hard fork who knows) will be around for many years to come.

I was thinking about this the other day as what will happen once I am gone with my account as the value hopefully by then will be worth a decent sum. I don't expect my family to post, but they can still curate and continue on what has already been built. I wouldn't want my family taking the rewards by powering them down as that is not where I see the value. The value for me lies with the stake and what it can do for you by supplying you with an endless supply of rewards.

Hive (the tribes) for me is a long term project that one day will provide some sort of income and that will vary on two things being how much stake and how much Hive is worth in the future. In my thinking this is not for now and the time is to grow and worry about everything else further down the road. I believe in sacrificing a little so the benefits will bear fruit as some stage. This is a fun journey that you tend to learn more about yourself than other things in life as it is a test of character and resilience.

Everyone talks about having financial freedom and having choices in life yet many power down and sell continuously. Those users are kidding themselves because that time has yet to be seen and could happen within the next 5 years hopefully. I get that some need to live off it and it is their main source of income.

How many people will sell their stake if and when Hive hits $10 and probably a large percentage would sell for a lot lower. The value I believe is in your vote and what you can earn from that part by having the stake. Currently a $10 Hive would give me in the region of $40 per day on interest alone and then the vote via curation another $150-$200 per day and that is how and where I see the value. The plan is a simple one and that is to just keep growing just in case those values are not reached and could still be achieved with what is in your wallet.

If you power down and sell how are you going to replace what you had originally? Things will only get tougher and squandering years of time and effort have been for what? I wouldn't want 13 payouts making me rich knowing that there is no more to come as the price can only keep going up once the popularity and user numbers increase.

If we look at every account being like a small business with some bigger than others, but everyone has the potential to succeed given time. The value therefore is in the amount of revenue it can generate weekly or monthly on a continuous basis and that is what I find so remarkable about this concept. This is the reason why I will just keep staking and not care about the price as I am nowhere near done yet as I have just started.

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I see your point about keeping your stake, the only reason I ever power-down is to diversify into other projects. I'm wondering if I should pick up more hive again after the Leo airdrop. This way I would get a better share of the 3 speak airdrop. I haven't staked anything lately until I hear some announcements with some meat to them.

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I think you have made some very smart decisions because honestly look where you are now. By what you have done over the last 12 months is leapt right up the queue and that is great to see. You never miss a trick and good to see you contemplating your next move.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

weak hands to strong hands. Same with other assets :D

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