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I think watch this video as it is self explanatory and why other companies will struggle to make what they have. They I believe are doing it correctly as this is going to be hard to copy with various patents protecting their technology. Storedot has been working for 8 years and by the time they are ready it will be 13 years.

I wrote an article the other day about Storedot the company that is leading the way in Electric Vehicle battery development. The one thing everyone is looking for is the "Holy Grail" of effortless charging. Many believed this was not possible and isn't unless you change the chemicals and work in an entire new direction.

This company has developed a phone battery that takes all of 30 seconds to charge. They have now developed a car battery that takes all of 5 minutes to charge. The reality is this company has stolen the march of technology putting the likes of Tesla on the backfoot.

Tesla having a 6 hour or 12 hour charge is not exactly going to cut it and has lost out big time. This technology is not easy to develop as it has taken them 8 years to get this far. Just because you have all the money in the world doesn't mean you will have the technology though.

I was looking at how to invest in Storedot as an IPO doesn't look as though it is coming anytime soon. The plan is to roll out the batteries from 2025 along with the phone batteries for Samsung. They have been onboard from 2014 and look to benefit massively from their involvement.

Unfortunately Storedot is a private investment and for anyone to be considered they need to have $1 Million to qualify. This for me is the company to grab shares in as quickly as possible but that doesn't look as though that will be possible. These are the SEC rules allowing shares to be traded on the private markets not available to the likes of us.

The battery market is currently sitting around $35 Billion and will rise to over 4 x within 2 years of Storedot's production in 2027. Verified researching in the market suggests a $140 Billion market within no time.

Investing in the battery makes more sense that investing in an electric car. There is so much interest in this right now leaving many shocked that this is even possible. The quick charge has opened up the EV market making it more than a possibility. There are other companies out there right now with portable mobile charging stations and there business has just been shafted. There will be no need for them in the future and can see fuel stations as we know them remaining, but offering electricity instead of fuel.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and staying a breast of what is happening is important. I would have loved to have invested in Storedot and will just wait for an IPO when it happens. I can see this one sky rocketing and is kind of a no brainer as an investment.

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Technology is advancing every day, it is not easy to be informed about everything, there are so many great projects, this one seems to be of great investment and growth.