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When I first joined Hive I never knew what was possible as I never had any expectations of riches. That is changing slowly as the stake is growing each month and the possibilities of what could be is slowly dawning on me. I have never cashed out 1 Hive so this is still Monopoly money to me and even though I know it is real I have not benefitted from it yet.

The biggest change in the nearly 3 years I have been here is the various tribes and the earning prospects they have added. Earning Hive was the main goal of every user but these days it still is, but not necessarily the main growth area.

Slowly but surely the Tribe tokens are catching up to the value of my Hive account and at some point I can see them overtaking being worth more in dollar value. I can remember looking at this over a year ago and working out as a percentage back then and the tribes were just under 10% of my account value.

Today they are sitting at just on 30% and the growth in Dollar value is now coming from here. Leo has obviously had a major influence on this and expect it to carry on and at some point could be worth more than what I have staked in Hive. I have $6400 worth of Hive and over $2000 in Leo plus LBI which I include as they go hand in hand.

Over the last week more than half my growth came via Leo whereas before it was roughly 50/50. If we throw the other tribes in with this figure I am looking at a 60/40 split so it is clearly showing how important the tribes are to anyone wanting to grow their account.

This is important for a number of reasons as the growth is more than double what we all had 2 years ago. The 46 000 Hive has taken me 3 years to accumulate and if the tribes had been in existence from day one back then, surely I would have more monetary value today.

I am more positive than ever after reviewing my account of what is possible and why staking every Leo token is that important. Actually every token is important but Leo has the potential like Hive to do something remarkable over the coming years. I will revisit this in 6 months or so as it will be interesting to see how much closer the breakdown is and expect it to be much closer to the 50/50 total account value split.

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Thanks for your post @cryptoandcoffee
It clarifies the picture for me, I am currently between Selling Hive or growing and doing Power Up.
It is difficult while I do not have a financial cushion for the day to day.
It is also clear the importance of the tribes.

I do think it is important to have Hive and coins like Leo as it will come to the point where the prices will increase and this will give you the financial cushion.

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wow, your hive stack has shot up... almost an orca now, I remember you just making dolphin

Come to think of it that was about a year ago so this last year has been really good growth. The Leodex tokens is what is surprising me though as they are becoming more and more important for overall account growth.

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and just imagine what will happen in your life if hive/leo reach 1$

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I would be disappointed to be honest as they are worth far more. Add another 0 and that would be much better. Hive at $5 is not difficult to imagine and it is only a matter of time.

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true! i tend to set smaller goals! :P

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Who would have thought that this would be the way things worked out? I thought Steemit was going to be where all my spare time was used. That seems so long ago now.

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It is crazy to think how things have changed so much.

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At this point, I value my Leo stake more than my hive stake. I believe it has the potential to grow faster than hive will at this point. This is one of the reasons I am staking everything I earn here this year, plus buying even once my paycheque starts rolling in.

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I think staking is the only way anyway as that is the only way to grow. I value both Leo and Hive as if one does well the other will benefit. At some stage Leo will become flooded with new users and harder to earn so happy to see you staking.

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Alot of changes has happened over the past few years and its just getting started, the moon is just they starting point. Wish I can grow my account over night but I guess that would mean hard labour sleepless nights and more hive power so I have enough rc to stay active and commenting on the blockchain.

If it was that easy the value wouldn't be here as everyone would be doing it. Stay active and never cash out staking everything you earn and you will grow into something of value. If I can do it anyone can and it means more to me than total monetary value as the value is what it can generate in income daily once you are a certain size. Cashing out to me is never an option as a passive income is the long term goal.

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On this account I pray not too cash out but as one is out of job when a pressing needs comes one has too sell some of his assets go get things done

I am very interested in LEO and am planning to get up to 100 LP to see how the rewards stack up.

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