Crypto Stimulus Not Here

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Where we live in South Africa we have had no such luck being given hand outs by the government. They just don't have the resources as the piggy banks were already emptied by the previous President and his cronies. Even if they had the money I doubt whether they would even contemplated such a thing as it would be better off in their own pockets.

This was no stimulus/relief package and was more like an after thought as the government still needs supporters. I suppose where you live depends on what is seen as acceptable or not.

During the lockdown periods here the only "assistance" offered was a monthly payment of R500 for the unemployed. Convert that into dollars and it is roughly $30 so not exactly a helping hand yet some were desperate enough to spend days queueing for their share.

I saw an article that suggested around 10% of the stimulus cheques in the States would find it's way into crypto or stocks which is a boost if you don't need that revenue. I know given the choice that is exactly where I would be spending it as it is extra. I just hope people invest it wisely as that $1400 could easily x 3 or a 10 in this bull run.

Over the past 6 months we have seen so many handouts starting off with UniSwap which if held would be worth over $13 000 today. The Cub air drop which may not seem like much but if cared for and staked could turn into a sizeable amount. There is another one around the corner with the project blank so who knows how much free money this all adds up to. I for one have received more $$$ than I have from my own Government just by being on Leo which is telling on how bad things really are if we are comparing apples with apples.

I just hope everyone in the States makes that money work for them as I don't believe in anything for free and there is always a catch or a downside. Maybe it won't show it's ugly head yet but it has to at some point whether it is through taxation or inflation. I know even the paltry hand outs here we will be required to dig deeper at some point and pay for what has happened.

Let us all hope our crypto stashes do well as we will most certainly need it if we are going to be part of the haves and not the have nots. I still believe there is tough times ahead as the financial side of things world wide looks very dicey and unemployment for many will be all over.

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