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RE: Announcing SteemCITY, a Game Based on Steem-Engine Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

in LeoFinance9 months ago

What is the fewest number of buildings needed to get started? Is it possible to get a bad first card draw that will not earn any SIM until you buy another card, and hope it is one your city needs?

Looks like a great game with some serious momentum behind it. Always been a fan of the old SimCity games. Fun idea to possibly see community exclusive buildings appear.


So far I'm love'n as a sim city fan myself I agree. I think you'll start off with good cards. If not I'll hook you up!

 9 months ago 

with one card it may be hard at the beginning, it will be super random, with few cards things starts working together for better output :) i sent you free Restaurant so your income should go up. 3x Basic Home is not a best drop for start :)

Thanks a lot @gerber. That was nice of you to share.