Coca-Cola will use Ethereum blockchain in its logistics

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We are always in a technological change, this is our essence by nature and it also transforms the way that people can relate to each other always looking for a decentralized way to operate any or all systems.

Blockchain technology has come to be the solution for any and all financial systems and the best, there are several sectors between health and education for example that we can use them in our favor and it is not surprising that giant companies like Coca- Cola starts using blockchain to work on its logistics.



CONA Services (Coke One North America), is an IT company serving Coca-Cola, signed an agreement with Ethereum so that it could integrate its services into its blockchain. This would facilitate the verification of data throughout the production chain, bringing transparency and security.

Coca-Cola entered into a partnership with the Unibright protocol that seeks to create a kind of “digital port” and on August 3 announced CONA's plans to use blockchain technology for its supply chain. This is what Unibright says:

“Not only does this optimize the ability of internal supplier-bottlers to supply products to the bottling network, but external suppliers (for example, suppliers of raw materials that supply cans and bottles) can benefit from a distributed, private and integrated. ”




The idea is that by the end of 2020, the entire system will be operational, Unibright has this project in an early stage of development. Once again we are seeing that the use of blockchain is beyond necessary nowadays, something that will become indispensable for any company in the industry. It will be a matter of time before competing companies can integrate their services with blockchain.


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Estamos sempre em uma mudança tecnológica, essa é nossa essência por natureza e isso transforma também a forma como que as pessoas possam se relacionar entre si procurando sempre uma forma descentralizada para operar todo ou qualquer sistema.

A tecnologia da blockchain veio para ser a solução para todo e qualquer sistema financeiro e o melhor, são diversos setores entre saúde e educação por exemplo que podemos fazer o seu uso ao nosso favor e não é de se espantar que empresas gigantes como a Coca-Cola começam a utilizar o blockchain para trabalhar em sua logística.

A CONA Services (Coke One North America), é uma empresa de TI a serviço da Coca-Cola, firmou acordo com a Ethereum para que pudesse integrar seus serviços em seu blockchain. Isso facilitaria a verificação dos dados em toda a cadeia produtiva, trazendo transparência e segurança.

A Coca-Cola fechou uma parceria com o protocolo Unibright que busca criar uma espécie de “porto digital” e no dia 3 de agosto anunciou os planos da CONA com o uso da tecnologia blockchain para sua cadeia de suprimentos. É o que afirma Unibright:

“Isso não apenas otimiza a capacidade de fornecedores-engarrafadores internos de fornecer produtos à rede de engarrafamento, mas também fornecedores externos (por exemplo, fornecedores de matérias-primas que fornecem latas e garrafas) podem se beneficiar de uma rede de distribuída, privada e integrada.”

A ideia é de que até o final de 2020, todo o sistema seja operacional, a Unibright está com esse projeto em fase inicial de desenvolvimento. Mais uma vez estamos vendo que a utilização da blockchain é além de necessária nos dias atuais, algo que se tornará insdispensável para qualquer empresa do ramo. Será questão de tempo para que empresas concorrentes possam integrar seus serviços com blockchain.


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being in the logistics industry, I find this very interesting.
First I have heard it, thanks for that.
going paperless was one thing
blockchain could be a whole new level

Thank you! It's really interesting. The best that with blockchain we can use in different sectors around the world.

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It is very interesting seeing that big companies are jumping on board the blockchain.

Certainly and it also benefits us as customers. I hope that more companies will be able to see blockchain as a necessary part of their services.

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That's really interesting to hear. That means many other products market would follow suit.

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I hope so too.

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This is quite an interesting and fate rising message. I hope to see amazon join the trail sooner or later.

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I also hope.

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Over 100-year-old company adapts. That's why it got to be 100+ year old. Others will miss the idea and disappear.

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It is the famous old world of capitalism hehe ...

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