Passive Crypto Earnings May 2020 (Lending/Dividends/Staking)

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After leaving most of my crypto assets just sitting in my wallet these last couple of years, I started to actively test out a lot of platforms that have the potential to provide some passive income from them. I plan to grow this over time and make these post to help me keep track of everything while providing some insights to those who also might be interested.

I will only cover pure passive earnings in these posts not including earnings from blogging, Gaming, Sports Betting & Poker on platforms like Hive |Publish0x | Scorum | Steemit | Uptrennd | Splinterlands | Nitrogensports | ...

Crypto Lending Earnings

I'm quite new to these lending platforms who give passive returns on your crypto. Many people seem to be using them even though they are said to be not risk-free. From what I have read, most are regulated and monitored and I don't mind the calculated risk myself as the rewards seem worth it. I do remain rather cautious though which is also one of the reasons I'm spreading my risk over multiple platforms.

1. BlockFi

BlockFi is probably the most known crypto lending platform and it was the first I got to try out (See Post). They do require a KYC procedure that went without problems. They have suffered a hack last month where some of their user information was leaked but none of the funds were at risk and communicated openly about it. Interest is paid out once a month (6.0% on BTC | 4.5% on ETH | 3.8% on LTC) and it compounds. So far I only have some Ethereum on there and the overall experience has been excellent. Everything looks very clean and is easy to understand while working properly.

BlockFi Passive Earnings
0.02141622 ETH (5.12$)

2. Earn

I submitted a request for my MCO Credit Card over a month ago (See Post) staking 50 MCO and getting the 50$ sign-up bonus as I used a referral link (Feel free to use my link and you will also get the 50$). I'm still patiently waiting for my card to become available in Belgium but I have been testing out their Crypto Earn platform in the meantime. So far, I only have good things to say about as everything worked without any problems and they offer some good returns on many different coins. They do have a system where you earn more if you lock your coins for 1 or 3 months and also give higher rewards to those that have 500 MCO or more staked. I currently have some EOS, LINK(4% Annual Returns) & ICX (8% Annual Return) on Crypto Earn. Passive Earnings
0.300000 EOS (0.807$)
0.437158 LINK (1.945$)
1.530000 ICX (0.513$


I had high hopes for as their site and platform looks really nice and it has a good reputation from what I have read. The sign-up and KYC procedure were pretty flawless but when I made an initial test deposit of EOS it didn't seem to arrive instantly (on BlockFi & this is the case). After waiting for a day I took action sending an email to their support explaining the situation including the screenshots of the deposit address I got in the app along with the transaction. Long story short, it took about 3 weeks for them to finally get it fixed. Once the EOS was in my account, I also deposited some Dash which arrived instantly. I was also promised a 10$ BTC bonus for making a deposit if 200$+ worth of crypto which also has not arrived yet. They also have their own CEL token which I'm not a fan of as it's simply not needed in order for them to operate. Getting paid out in CEL will earn much more interest and holding on to them also gives extra bonus which I'm not a fan of. Passive Earnings
0.05680 EOS (0.153$)
0.00106 DASH (0.083$)

Crypto Dividend Earnings

I like these projects that have a working product with actual users who generate revenue for token holders in the form of Dividends which don't rely on inflation. As a sports Bettor, I'm quite drawn to some of the gambling platforms basically betting on the house to win.

1. (WIN)

I have been documenting my journey into fully understanding the platform along with the WIN token these last 10 weeks and made a Full Review on it recently. The dividends they pay to stakeholders are pretty good but I remain cautious as there is a big supply left they will share in the dividends eventually. Playing some Poker there has been profitable and earned me som RAKE tokens which now also provide Daily Dividends. Passive Earnings
WIN 723.331 TRX (11.947$)
RAKE 86.243 TRX (1.424$)

2. (SBET)

SBET is a token I have been holding and collecting Dividends on for the last 30 weeks. It is linked to the EOS Sportsbook and pays out 3% of their total volume to SBET stakeholders and allow bets in EOS, BTC, SBET, USDT. So far I have had a positive experience with their platform and I like how the continue to develop and move things forward. They did get hacked a while back but haven't suffered all too much from that. The Covid-19 situation with all professional sports being canceled did have a huge effect on the dividends. The SBET token price did hold up pretty well though in anticipation for it all the rise again. I have been closely tracking the Dividends and plan on making a report on them soon. Passive Earnings
0.7565 EOS (2.035$)
1.86 SBET (0.005$)
0.01148 mBTC (0.109$)
0.0086 USDT (0.009$)


The EOS Rex (Resource Exchange) allows to earn from users that are lending resources without risk of ever losing your EOS. The return rates are very low though ( 0.12% annually) compared to what lending services are offering (4%-4.5%). I moved some of my coins over for that reason but still hold some in the REX which provides some passive income.

EOS REX Passive Earnings
0.1578 EOS (0.424$)

4. TENX Rewards

TenX is one of the Altcoins back when I started where I'm still holding my bags. They did something of a tokenswap and now have 2 tokens (PAY an TENX). All this was mostly done for legal purpose and they are now paying out rewards (from earnings ?) buying back PAY tokens distributing them to TENX tokenholders. I can't say I have much confidence left in this project but I will keep holding on to my TENX tokens for now as they do have a working product and solve an issue as they allow to directly pay with crypto without converting it to Fiat first.

TenX Passive Earnings
2.1248 PAY (0.106$)

Crypto Staking Earnings

From what I understand, these staking earnings come directly from the inflation and mostly cover the downward price pressure of that.


NEO is one of those projects I have been invested in since back in the day when it was called Antshares and the hype was huge. I learned a good lesson not selling at least part of my bags when it reached 180$ (gas was 90$). I did slowly sell part of my holding but still have some left in my Ledger which continues to generate GAS.

NEO GAS Passive Earnings
0.88109 GAS (1.621$)

2. Tron (TRX) SR Voting

As much as I dislike Justin Sun and the way he handled the Hostile takeover of the Steem blockchain, it did get me to try out tron and discover the gambling platform. I managed to grow my TRON Holdings mostly by playing poker and plan to continue playing on a regular basis as it is quite fun. I maintain a proper bankroll management and I have part of my TRX holdings that I'm not using frozen which allows to earn part of the inflation when you vote for Super Representatives.

TRON Passive Earnings
64.524 TRX (1.016$)

These are just my first steps into growing a passive income from crypto and aim toward getting these around 300$-400$ a month over time. If anyone has suggestions feel free to let me know in the comments and feel free to include your Affiliate link.
A summary of the Month May:

EOS Rex0.420$
TenX Rewards0.106$
Neo Gas1.621$
Tron SR Voting1.016$

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I need to get on the case with this myself - I got as far as setting up a Blockfi account, I just haven't been arsed to go with the KYC procedure yet, it's like crypto is becoming the new FIAT, back when bank interest rates used to be regularly 3-5%!

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It was exactly the same for me, it took ages before I started doing some effort to get some returns on my crypto earnings. I'm glad I got it started though and it kind of feels like a game now. I do remain cautious though (at least I try to). In a way, it all feels too good to be true getting 4%+ yearly on assets that are likely to increase in price over time.

Good Luck if you ever get into it, I plan on making these posts monthly keeping track of everything and the new platforms I test out.

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Well I just sent some coins over to my new KYCd blockfi account - I had to clear my ledger out of LTC and ETH as I wanted to reset it, so it was actually quite handy!


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The problem when you get used to these lending platforms (It goes really quickly) is that it starts feeling like a waste leaving coins o your ledger just sitting there. Finding the balance between having them fully safe there compared to in ledning programs where they get some passive returns is quite the challenge.

Good Luck!

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I'm happy with having just under a grand on Blockfi, actually I do need to double check my security over there come to think of it!


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