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RE: Investors fall in love with the assets and often forget to take the profit

in LeoFinance6 months ago

I'm not even sure if these thoughts are right for an investor or not. I wouldn't recommend anyone personally to fall in love with any investment.

Lol....i was going to say this at the end of reading. This article is really funny and at the same time educative....i think you just strolled through the heart of some investors in writing this article, but once again as you clearly stated, i also don't think a real investors should have this kind of mindset. It can be likened to this famous quote in Drug business which says 'Don't fall in love with your own product'.


Ha ha ha I liked the last quote. Ya I have been there liking my own investment and never sold it even when I had the opportunity to make profit. Now biting nails witha huge loss. 😀 Thanks for your comments. Cheers !BEER

I like reading nice post like yours. Hope we will get to see more

Thanks you so much. It's my pleasure. 😀

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