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RE: Attention Economy: LEO will be crawling with scammers during the mega-bull run.

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Yeah they all act like leo is everything and hive nothing! To me i sell leo for hive lol! Leo my hive utility! I have not used leo cause the whales there used to flag me too! Some of them are wrong! Seems to me they are all too stuck up and full of themselves on leo. Haha, leo to the seafloor, damp eeeet!


lol easy there tiger

Just telling the truth! They totally jacked me up my earnings!

Tiger has valid points!

The are not bright even having anything to do with eth and this uni! None of it makes any sense, then they got hacked cause they didn’t know what they are doing! Why did they steal the name of the bitfinex leo lion coin? Just to make it extra confusing?? What is wrong with them? lol damp eeet! haha