Small Business Saturday

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Hi fellow Lions,

Recently I put my money where my mouth was and supported a small business!


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Small Business Saturday

One of the things that many people need to understand is that small businesses are what supports the world, not the big conglomerates. The big guys might employ a lot of people but the Walmart's of the world are more damaging than they help, which is why we try to shop there as minimally as possible. I took this to heart again recently and helped out a small business that I've known about for a while but didn't make the jump to support them until now.

Look at the awesome shirt I bought! (I have no affiliation at all with the company, it's a husband and wife who run it and do support others through affiliations but I have no part in that)


I think it fits in perfectly with many things around here, Hive, decentralization and all that which are spreading around the internet. The best way we can help support each other in these difficult times, economically and socially, is to do what we can, when we can to support small businesses. They are the backbone of the world economy!

The shirts I got are pretty awesome and very comfortable, hand printed and many are made with organic cotton, some with American grown organic cotton. A cause I can support for sure! I love the statements on the shirts though, Decentralize was my favorite. I liked some of their other styles but had a spending limit unfortunately so I couldn't grab more!

They ship mostly to American addresses but do ship internationally I think, so if you'd like to check it out you can visit their website at to see if there are things you'd like. They are having a bit of a sale right now so you might be able to find some that are a better price than normal. Shipping was quick and they try to add a personal touch to it as well which is really nice. You get those types of things with small businesses, which we love! Don't get that type of stuff with Walmart for sure.

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Well, I'll certainly second that post to support small business. My wife just started a custom embroidery business. Hoodies, Tees, tote bags, caps, baby bibs, dishtowels, sweatshirts, pretty much you name it. She can take just about any logo or image and digitize it for the custom machine embroidery. I'll shamelessly add a plug for her website...




Yes! Support Small Business!
See more designs and items at:

Always glad to help other Hivers!

That's awesome man! Good for your wife! Small businesses are a lot of work but they are very important work for us to have. These things are the life blood of local and national economies, though you don't hear much about it from the mouthpieces.

Her stuff looks great! She does a great job, I'll bookmark the website, my wife is expanding her business a decent amount recently so she might have need to have shirts made or small things. She holds some contests here and there so she needs things to give away. I'll see if she wants to give this a look!

Thanks! Appreciate your support!

One of the things that many people need to understand is that small businesses are what supports the world, not the big conglomerates.

Not if those in charge have their way.

They are intent on destroying small businesses. That is why it is vital for those on here to do all they can to operate from that mindset. We are all effectively our own brands. We need to do those things, especially developers, that wipe out the major corporations.

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Yeah for sure. The people on here and in local economies everywhere need to step up and be their own leaders in whatever small way they can. The whole Rona was a way to destroy economies and small businesses throughout the world to usher in the CBDC era of scams and digitization of everything. The more we support each other, the longer it will take for that to take full control like the powers that shouldn't be would like it to.

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Good post, true words, and presearch combined with brave rocks 🤘

@sketch17 voteandshare

Thanks man I appreciate it! Love Presearch! I'm earning some decent tokens now, especially because of people using my referral link! Got a bunch of people into it so that's been great. I never get referral link attention with anything else but this so I'll take it hahah

Right on man! Supporting small businesses is super important. I've made it a life goal to have as many of my personal belongings sourced from small businesses/friends businesses/myself etc. I'm getting there slowly. My wardrobe is pretty much 100% homie-made/small businesses/artists; other than like underwear and socks. Same goes for all my skate/snowboard shit. Slowly working my way there...