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RE: Coinmarketcap has delisted Hive

in LeoFinance10 months ago

I hate coin market cRap for token prices. I haven’t used that site in months. I stick to coin gecko, given that they are here in the community with us and was a former witness on Steem. I might check out the other site someone recommended to see what the differences are but I’ll give coin gecko my business and clicks.


Oh I never knew they were a former witness. Now I understand why people were tagging Coingecko here. Nice. Yeah I have also stopped checking CMC and I guess Coingecko and cryptocompare is the way forward. 🙂

Yeah it was cool that they ran a witness! It was a top 50 witness too. Once we forked to hive this year they shut their witness down sadly.

Oh, that's sad. Hope they are not Steem supporters 😉