Making Small Investments

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to share an update on the progress of my small investments. Still in better shape than those who aren't in crypto at all!

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Micro Investments

One of the things I recently started to get into over the past few months is the idea of micro investments. This has mainly been through things like coin faucets. I got into that from a recommendation from a good friend @invest4free and his great posts about it. The website he got me into using is and you can easily sign up and get into the habit of claiming at least once a day.

I was a little shaky for a while not doing it routinely but I've managed to go 78 days in a row now for logging in and claiming my bitcoin and litecoin faucets. (better not jinx myself and mess it up forgetting to claim ruining my streak lol) The value of them really isn't a whole lot but I'm just now starting to get into the ability to gain pretty decent rewards. Each consecutive day you log in and claim the faucet you gain a percentage point that adds up. My faucet claims for bitcoin and litecoin now have a 78% boost to them which is pretty great since you also get a random boost from the website itself. The boost I've seen is anywhere between 1 and 100%. I've gotten the 100% bonus a couple times now and that's always fun to see.

The faucets are an easy way, if you can figure out how to get your funds off them, to make a minor profit that is otherwise not attained. I'm trying not to do too many things at once because then it becomes more of a job then it is a hobby and fun, but this has been a pretty good addition to my daily routine. The small amounts I claim for each of the CoinPot related coins, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogegoin and Dash, are a nice addition since I'm trying not to invest fiat dollars when I can. The other added bonus to it is that I'm earning a whole lot more PRE tokens by using Presearch to search for 3 of the coins in a sitting. You can't search too much too quickly though on Presearch otherwise they shut you off for a period of time, usually 24 hours or so. That's happened to me a few times when I didn't realize they did that lol. So by doing the faucets, I'm also making a bit of PRE tokens, increasing my earnings just a bit more as well. Win! The other coins I just type the website in my browser to get to them, so I finish the claiming cycle.

One thing I wouldn't recommend though if you can prevent it is when you use CoinPot you can convert your tokens into others. I gave it a try and converted them all to bitcoin but the fees kill you and I lost out on a bunch of money. Live and learn! I had about 5$ in tokens but when I converted it all to bitcoin it ended up being less than 2.50$ after the conversion cost and rates.

I waited a bit before I tried to figure it out but I made my first withdrawal of the bitcoin! It wasn't very easy because one of the acceptable sites they use doesn't allow US customers so that was a little annoying. I got it done though with another and off my tiny amount of bitcoin goes, to wait for moon and compounding!

If anyone wants to send me some bitcoin feel free :D



The other method I've been trying to get better at doing every month is putting my BAT that I earn from Brave rewards to use. I've been trying to exchange my BAT for other currencies, at the moment Bitcoin. I thankfully had a little extra BAT left over from my conversions so I created a small Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin wallet. Those are the three coins that the faucet wallet lets me send so I plan on seeing how my bitcoin transaction above goes before I send more. Always have to give a test transaction before you go buck wild and send all of it.

With these small investments in time and effort each month, I feel like I'm able to get my little nest egg for the future in a better spot every time I do one.


Do you have any daily or monthly habits like this besides what you do here on Hive? I'd like to learn some more, and if they are fairly easy, try to incorporate them into my routine!

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Nice one, I wonder if the faucet works for my location, hook me up please hook me up.

I use brave all the time and I've got about 10$ worth in them, if only the rewards came in more often in larger quantities, I would have pushed for a direct way to convert them to Leo tokens

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Sorry for the delay, I was trying to grab my referral links. I've never done it through the CoinPot system before so bear with me!

The website I use, that I got from invest4free, is and then it links you to their sites that are associated with it, Moon Bitcoin; Moon Bitcoin Cash; Moon Litecoin; Moon Dash and Moon Doge. Each of those sites is a faucet that you can claim from multiple times a day, every 5 minutes if you feel inclined. Once you sign up and get everything going on the CoinPot website you don't really have to visit it again except maybe once a month or so. You spend most of your time in the faucets claiming.

Let me know when you've got an account and we can chat further!

Here's my referral links, I'm not entirely sure how it works but if you click on them, let me know what happens lol






Okay thank you, i will keep you updated

Do you trade the coins for hive or do you sent it to another place?

For the moment I'm not looking to send them to Hive. I'm trying to stack things in preparation for the next moon cycle. I've got a pretty decent stake in Hive and invested some more of my own money into it recently so I'm just looking to diversify.

If things moon then I might make some trades and wait for it to come back down and then buy in with some more. Not entirely sure yet!

Okay cool! Ye your stack is fine :D

Diversify is really good and important, if you ask me :D

I am working on owning as many coin as possible within the Celsius Network just to be more secure :D

Yeah I'm trying to get set up with the Celsius network, I've got my stuff mixed among a few different centralized platforms just in case!

I really the transparency Celsius provides + the weekly AMAs, I have my full trust in Alex xD
So I only in Celsius and Hive xD

The only thing I would add to this is instead of moving your tokens to a hot wallet I would move it to a CE-FI Platform and continue to earn from those sats you earn. Here's one post I did on BAT. I mean why stop the earning, allow time to get on your side and leverage that compound interest

The Celsius app is what I use for it too

Yeah I made the mistake of sending this little bitcoin to one of my wallets that doesn't give the opportunity to earn. I'm going to see what the rates are to do that with Celsius versus and see what I can do with each. It's all about stacking the sats!

Make those sats work for you, I'm a sat addict and I'll try to milk every last Sat that I can, people might not see the value in a Sat now, just like they did with Bitcoin, not going to make that same mistake, let's talk about Sats baby

Thanks for the mention! And if you hodl, then make sure you earn some interest through celcius, Nexo or even something like the auto-lend feature from KuCoin.

Celsius or Nexo would be best though if you can get access to their services that is.

Thanks man, yeah I'm going to compare Celsius to which also offers some interest if you give them crypto. I downloaded the app but haven't made the sign up yet lol.

I never looked into, so I’m interested what you find.

What's your Celsius referral link by the way? I was going to use yours since you've helped me out with getting a few things going! I don't know if you've given it to me before but if you did sorry I can't find it lol

No problem, if you want to use my referral link, then I’ll gladly look it up for you 10 times 😉

This is it:

Join Celsius Network using my referral code 150900ca19 when signing up and earn $20 in BTC with your first transfer of $200 or more! #UnbankYourself

Just signed up, not sure when I'll hit the 200$ in deposits but we'll see! I might be able to get some deposits going in a few weeks.

Nice, no need to rush.

Oh boy. I am not the only one then :P I use Brave browser for BAT and Prsearch for PRE. I tried faucets for some time and then one fine day I stopped. I still don't know why. I need to make a decision whether to use nexo, Celsius or to earn from my crypto.
One good thing is I am learning each passing day. Does not matter how small or big the coin amount is.

Yeah that's great man, there's always things to learn about. Some of the stuff isn't worth getting into but there's always the gems that stick out and end up going really well!

The faucets are pretty good, will need to see how the withdrawal process goes but once I can take my earnings off them then I'll be happier. I'm stacking them right now which is good but it's always sketchy on a website that's not hugely famous, if they are going to steal your coins or not lol so that's a gamble.

I'll probably stick with Celsius and that way I'm not trying to remember how to access too many different crypto sites lol. I've already got several so there's a greater chance of me forgetting about some!

I also feel I am thinning myself by getting into too many crypt sites. Celsius, and binance are my go to.

Ah yeah I forgot about Coinpot, been meaning to get back on the faucet claiming wagon! You need to get above a certain amount as well before you can withdraw but as others have said, you might as well put that to work - I think I'm going to have to set up a Celsius account being that I just whack everything I buy in the Ledger and never look at it again!

Might as well use what we have!

Yeah, I'm also using both Brave and PRE to enhance my web experience!

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That's great! It doesn't hurt at all to stack coins wherever you can! PRE is one that's a bit more challenging to try and sell if you're looking to sell some but that's okay, at this point it doesn't make a huge difference. I think it will all be easier at some point in the future, will be good to stack things before that time for sure.

Nice dude! I've been using Pi to mine for the last year though it has yet to be listed in exchanges!
Project looks solid and there is a huge community behind it though!

Mining Pi is very easy! Just click on the app on your Android/iPhone and click start mining once every 24 hours! Pi mining does not drain your battery/data or something! It's awesome!

Here is my ref link if you feel like trying it out!