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Hi fellow Lions,

Today I am starting to participate in the small marketing method that I have available to me! I've been saving and now I get to spend some!


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Market Strategy

Now I know that the keyword stake I have is pretty focused on a particular topic, I think it was a good one to purchase, considering!

Presearch and Keyword Staking is going to really revolutionize the way internet searches are paid for and advertised. In the era of Blockchain and being able to see all of the transactions, it naturally means that the same should be the case for companies that operate a search engine. If you pay Google to advertise your product, you have no way to know how much you need to pay to stake a claim to whatever your advertisement is. With Presearch and Keyword Staking, it's pretty open and clear how much is needed to pay to advertise a particular word or phrase! As you can see below, Hive thankfully has more than just me using Presearch to buy ads! One of the top 50 witnesses, @liondani is also using the platform so that's awesome to see! He's out-bid me for how much token he is staking so I opted to not compete with that and instead go with Hive.Blog. Hopefully as more and more people go with search engine alternatives, the Presearch project will grow more and more. Here on Hive, I know that @taskmaster4450le and @erikah are both users of Presearch! That was a recent thing I learned and was thrilled. I want to try and get so many more people here into using it for the simple principle of taking traffic away from Google!


Thankfully the Presearch team has worked out the bugs. I tried to stake a few months ago but it wouldn't let me despite me having the correct amount of tokens. Staking it to the word or phrase is pretty easy which is awesome! I know I know, I should be using hiveonboard or something different but I will edit the referral link later to include that. Had to get it on there early so I could optimize!


One of the really cool things is that we receive notifications if we are outbid. Does a company like Google do that for you? I highly doubt it! They don't say anything unless you complain to them and they tell you to spend more money, not knowing what that increased amount is I would imagine. Keyword staking with Presearch isn't the case!


So this is awesome. I literally just staked this yesterday and it's already got 4 views! I think the people who are searching it are probably already users on here however it's still great to see. The way we earn tokens is to just search the internet anyways. What I do for my daily routine is use the Presearch engine and web search the website I am going to visit anyways and then click on it that way. It gets them a little bit of money and it gets me some tokens. Win-win for sure if you ask me!


This was really cool to see, @danishcrypto also uses Presearch and has enough token to stake the Splinterlands! I feel like that one is definitely going to be an important one in the near future, as the @splinterlands game grows and develops more.


Get in!

I think it would be really great if we could get more folks on here using it! I know that there are definitely 4 or 5 people that have read my posts that use Presearch consistently. I have gotten referral rewards on them and on my dashboard I can see who's been active and who has never used it or hasn't used it in a while.


If you use my referral link, you get a bonus 25 PRE tokens. If you go to their website on your own and sign up, you start with a big fat 0! In the 2 and a half years using it, my tokens, mostly by searching, are now worth almost 80$! If I had been using Google in that same period of time, guess what my account would be worth? Absolutely nothing for me but probably tens if not hundreds of thousands to Google, selling my metadata with no slice given to me. Not my kind of idea for how the internet will be used in the future! One of the most important things we can do is to sign up with companies like Presearch so we can compete in as many ways as we can with giants like Google who have an absolute monopoly over the markets.

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Connect with me!

Do you want to get paid, in crypto, for searching the internet? Try using and signing up for Presearch to earn some great crypto! I've currently got 2,117 PRE tokens, with a market value of $78.29. It doesn't sound like a lot but when you search using sites like Google you get paid $0! Join Presearch to break Google's stranglehold on the internet searches. If you'd like to sign up, use my referral link!

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Did you write the other day that presearch is shutting down? xD

Hahah no the coin faucets I use are shutting down! Presearch is good from what I understand lol

Ohh cool :D
I misunderstood then :D

You did it, congratulations! And you choose you're lucky and sad to see no one is on this keyword yet, but that's good for you.

Good luck and keep us posted about the evolution of it. I'm going to work towards building my stake as well. One day I may be able to participate in the game as well.

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Yeah you just have to be careful not to search too quick and often lol. That gets your earnings frozen for 24 hours and longer depending on what you’re doing.

The staking game is definitely great, I’m liking the way it works for the most part except when you use your rewards you are restricted to bringing in only 1000 tokens at a time or multiples of it. I can’t bring in 1209 tokens since it’s just my rewards. If you buy the token you have no restrictions though so that’s a plus.

Well, I search for what I need during the day and don't make a sport out of it, so I don't think being restricted is a danger for me 🙂

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Nice one, have you got any data on impressions and click through? I've been meaning to try and stake a keyword to do research and compare it to what the returns are vs something like running ads on Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo

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The only data I have is that it got 4 views the other day. It tells me whether or not someone clicks on it so that’s cool. I wonder if I search it myself and click on it if it counts lol.

I know you snagged a few thousand of them when they were a hell of a lot cheaper so that’s great.

You caught my attention.. I've been wondering how to spread some of the ref links I have for different platforms in a proper way besides the websites that I'm working on. I thought there must be an easier way, and I think I'm going to test this for a while as I have the feeling this may be a great option. Thanks for sharing this.

May I ask if you paid with crypto? I will use a bit of ETH for this, but not sure how that works? Do they just ask you to send an X amount of ETH to a wallet? I checked earlier and was afraid to confirm as my funds were still moving at the time.

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Did you sign up now or have you had an account for a bit?

As for the buying of the tokens, I haven’t bought any because I don’t have access to the exchanges that use the token like KuCoin I think, so I have only earned what I have through web searching lol.

The keyword staking is going to be a huge improvement for things where you have lots of referral links and people stake their claim to a particular word or phrase. I like how you can easily see what the going rate is for a stake so you can beat it if you want. I was thinking about beating the Splinterlands one lol.

I wouldn’t be too nervous transferring in some token to buy the PRE, the project has been through a lot and even some theft but they are strong and I believe in the long term success of it.