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RE: When Money Is Cheap Idiots Become Entrepreneurs

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broken and sick systems ... munger and buffet putting feet into mouths again ... wall st. created casino capitalism and the fed is "disgusting", not crypto ... old dudes that need to go away


How pathetic of a human being must you be to yell and scream that we're finally taking the punch bowl away from them and moving towards a meritoracy? We're not even titing it in our favour, all we saying is lets level the playing fields. You can choose to play in crypto too, but they just want to retain supremacy through nepotism.

It makes me laugh and I cheer on everytime we hit new highs as we move closer to the eventual flipping and its going to be glorious

Charlie and Warren can have fun staying poor and when they finally capitulate we'll show them how to hold the hardest money ever created lol

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