Coffee and Philosophy Ep. 168

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This week Cope and I continue our perpetual pursuit of being cancelled and do a little crypto recap before moving into the more politically/philosophically geared discussion. It touches on everything from racism to kink to pride and some perspective on the current trans movement. There's a healthy dose of criticism, but most of it revolves around the idea of pushing these things on children and why accepting people for who they are doesn't mean blindly accepting all of their actions. It is what it is. Much love.

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Well I was going to leave a comment on odyssey, but they're asking way too much of me for that at the moment hah! How've you been man? When do you do the show these days?

 2 days ago 

We still do them at 11:00 pm Central time every week. I'm still corporeal I suppose. 😛
How you been doing?