Why I Hodl, My 5 favorite crypto and why I Hodl them

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Everyone has their own investment tactics and their own reasons as to why they make a particular investment. I am no different in this respect while my investments are mostly crypto anyone whos involved in the cryptocurrency market knows they can be astonishingly different and some almost the same thing. With this post I'm going to go over my top 5 cryptocurrencies excluding BTC that I Hodl and why.


I'm not a financial advisor any and all of the following is not intended as financial advice just my reasons as to why I invest this way.


A POW Proof of work crypto like BTC Their velvet fork with cardino has revitalized a coin most had said was unprofitable to mine. This and the fact that both Ethereum and bit cash switched to POS Proof of Stake variant Litecoin is the one to keep an eye on, but maybe dont look directly at it.


Honestly their ability to add so much functionality and value to hive in such a short period of time is amazing If this is them getting started id like to se them 5 years in.


Its a vice I happen to have belief that an economy needs vices to function without them you get economic collapse. So if a crypto by potheads for potheads exists I'm going to hodl.


It is one of the most surprising crypto many low value POW crypto have since the beginning vanished DOGE remains. Another POW proof of work system I cant help but think good things for such a good Crypto look at that face.


Because if it's this meta it's immortal like rick from rick and Morty. This coin named after a Gorge Orwell character probably has batman level plot armor. That and its price/ volume flux feature is genus AMPL is non-dilutive. Supply adjustments are applied universally and proportionally across every wallet’s balance. This means your percent ownership of the network remains fixed.


These are the crypto that I hodl dear we all have are reasons and I would like to hear what crypto hodl above all others shout it out in the comments.

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Given the fact that there are thousands of coins already created and new ones created everyday, it can be very difficult for not experienced crypto investors to find their way in this jungle.
This kind of post is great, it gives a quick snapshot on some coins of interest and might push the investor to dig more before to put some money in.
Maybe we could start an initiative on Leofinance consisting of sharing the reasons we hold some coins in our portfolio, could be very helpful.
I’ll definitely add this to my todo list for a later post.
Thank you for sharing chubie149 !

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appreciate the feedback

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Appealing Nice way to learn and earn at the same time Crypto world is here!!! Daily Manager

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