I bought 4500 Blurt

in LeoFinance4 months ago

Today I bought 4500 Blurt with my liquid Hive. I think Blurt can be one of the best potiential investment. I bougt it in Hive Engine. Blurt has not been added any big exchanges. If it adds, It can make big pump. So I will buy more Blurt and collect them

Ekran Resmi 20200926 22.09.25.png


Sorry i prefer buy hive with blurt.

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How do I move Blurt to HE please?

Get a ionomy wallet and then send your blurt to ionomy and in this place you could buy HE.
The process is same to send to bittrex.

Oh I see, I do have Ionomy account, thanks I will use it.

Hard to know as the clones have always struggled to gain traction.

What makes you so bullish on blurt? I don't pay attention to the project so id like to know what they are up to and what I may be missing

I am not interested in project. I only interested in investment

Yes I get that but surly theres a reason why you invest in it, it must be doing something that's why you invest in it

well good for you. It is always good to speculate on supposed slow priced coins but there are other things to consider: use cases, community, etc i don't see that much in blurt yet

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