Hive is Ready For Pump

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After I analyzed Bitcoin prices 5 days ago, It pumped 10%. I think Hive is ready for pump as BTC. Here is the daily RSI graphy below the chart. It can break falling resistance. If it breaks, HIVE will pump on daily graph. Go HIVE!
Ekran Resmi 20200919 17.34.32.png

Here is my latest post about BTC prices 5 days ago.


For what reason would that happen?

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Yep, I agree, we should envisage a "reason" soon in order to support the chart

RSI and Fisher indicators is below the chart. It is daily chart and fisher indicator says It is time to buy. RSI indicator shows that there is a resistance in the graph and fisher says buy. So It can break the resistance. If it breaks, It will pump. As I said about BTC.