CC99 - Defibox - Decentralized Finance on EOS

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Mostly all the action is taken place on Ethereum for the DeFi hype. Now you can take part at the beginning of DeFi on EOS with Defibox solutions.

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PS: I am not a financial adviser, and you need to do your own research.


These defi protocols all seem to require high funds to supply liquidity....anyway I'm looking and learning in the mean time!

Always learning new things keep you alive. ;)

Dear @chesatochi

Good Morning my friend. This sure is good news and a good way to try to earn bypassing the high ETH gas fee.
This sure lowers the entry barrier for those who are kept out of the de-fi platform due to the high Gas prices.
Here at least people can stake and earn. Hope projects like these gets EOS its rightful place in the crypto universe.