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Hey Jesstackers

I am always looking out for ways to earn a few extra satoshis on the side; Bitcoin bought is sweet, but Bitcoin earned is always a lot sweeter. I've tried using several fitness apps that pay you in crypto, and so far, I don't really see a clear leader. They all pretty gimmicky, and to be honest, their tokenomics aren't that great many of their coins aren't worth much, nor have a deep enough market for you to sell or get anything from it.

I think trying to tokenise everything and maintain your own token was a novel idea, but in practice, it's a pretty poor experience for the end-user, and we can see that by the fact that very few of these apps have really taken off.

The entire point of these apps is to reward you with value, and while some of this value can be seen on paper, very little of it can be accessed.

This is why I was pretty stoked to discover sMiles, an app that pays you directly in Bitcoin and makes use of the lightning network.

We all know how much Bitcoin is worth; it's the deepest, most liquid crypto, so why wouldn't I want to earn it? I can exchange it with a range of exchanges or use it in different wallets. That means setting up is far easier, and I don't have to create a new account with a certain exchange; Bitcoin is Bitcoin.


My experience with sMiles

sMiles is a pretty basic fitness app; it doesn't give you much data about your workouts. I am using it on iOS, so it syncs with the health app on the phone; I am not sure how it would work under Android.

The app validates your steps each day and provides you with some sats depending on your performance.

You can also earn sats with their daily wheel spin game, and there's also a chess game you can play to earn some sats. The app still looks like it's in its formative stages and looks to be releasing an in-app store and more features to come.

Payout with sMiles

So now you want to know the important part, how do I cash out? Well, you'll need to reach a minimum of 1000 sats in the app. Once you hit the threshold, you can withdraw it to any lightning wallet; this could be a custodial wallet, non-custodial lightning wallet or an exchange that supports lightning.

Get sMiling

I've been using it for a week now, and I've bagged a few 100 as for just checking in each day which isn't too bad. If you want to try out sMiles or you'd like to learn more about the app, check out their official site here.

Note: If you're keen on donating some sats my way, then here's my referral code for sMiles: cesc04880

You'll be sending 100 sats my way once you sign up with the code :)

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Well, that sound great. I take you referral code right now !

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Thanks I hope you have fun earning Sats

I hope too 😅

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@chekohler! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @ykretz.

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sounds like a very good app to try. even though I hardly exercise lately, but does it count walking around the house? hahaha need to wait for the pandemic to stops and I can start jog again.

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Lol then you should start even in and around the house and earn some HIVE and Sats why not?

Very interesting! I know that there are a number of apps like this that you can use on the Hive blockchain. Having something that is a little more universal wouldn't be a bad thing though. Like you said, the tokens from the other ones are pretty much worthless when you get right down to it.

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If it wasn't for the HIVE i earn I wouldn't see the point in using actifit the coin isn't worth anything so I usually burn it for extra hive upvotes and steem upvotes! Adding a layer of Sats makes my work outs even more worth it

I stopped earning on STEEM a long time ago. I changed my passwords and that mucked up the whole system. I guess since they don't really care about spam too much over there I could pick it up again. Who knows... I agree, the actifit tokens weren't worth it. I wasn't really making a ton from the Hive tokens either.

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I signed up to give it a go! Actifit is cool but getting satoshis as well is even better!
Let's see how it goes :)
Thanks for sharing!

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Good luck and let me know how it works out for you!

I can't get acifit to work anymore now that I don't use my fitbit and that dang thing wont connect and I'm tired of buying new ones lol. So maybe I'll give this one a shot?

How much are you going to need though sats bitcoin has stupid high fees right now most likely always will so how would you even cash it out?

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So minimum is 1000 Sats and you can only pull it off with the lightning network so you can send it to a lightning exchange like Bittrex or Okex and sell it that way! You won't pay any fees maybe 1 or 2 Sats since it's all done off chain

Very cool! Some usage of the lightning network.

Putting a smile on may faces! Exercise and sats? Sign me up!

Lol converting calories into sats bro, I am a fat burning sat earning machine

Lol! Love it, I'll get myself set up on lightning! Saturated fats? More like saturated stacks!

This is cool. Reward for activity, double benefit - fitness and bitcoin.
I tried to install and register, but not getting the code in email to complete the registration. Will try again in some time. Checked junk emails as well. no luck so far.

Yeah someone else told me the same thing the app seems to be a bit buggy lol oh well hopefully they fix it eventually

I need another thing to track like a shot in the head but I don't think I can resist. How do I actually sign up using your referral code? Do I get to enter that after I've downloaded the app?

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Yes, once you've downloaded the app and you create an account you can use the referral code, if you do actifit, might as well double up your rewads with sMiles, that's what I and doing

OK. I've done that but how do you get it to record your steps? It hasn't moved from 0.

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If you have an iOS device it connects to your health app on your phone or Apple Watch! I use a Fitbit so I need to sync that first and then sync my Fitbit to my health app bit of a mission but I’m happy to do it for a few sats

I've got an Android which is supposed to connect to Google health or something I think. I have no idea what that is. It's not working though and it has a really poor scored on the Google Play store so I think I'll have to give this one a miss.

It's a shame because, as you say, it works well with Actifit.

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Does it add steps together with Actifit? I am already getting some steps for it everyday so adding in some extra sats for me efforts sounds good.

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Yes you can submit the same steps you do with actifit to smiles thays what I’m doing

Do you have to enable location data to get rewarded? I signed up with your code but going to wait to see what I need to share or not.

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Yes you can submit the same steps you do with actifit to smiles thays what I’m doing

sMiles, I will be checking it out!

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Lol double up those actifit rewards with sats

Who doesn't love free money? Ama give this one a quick check then

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I know I do, especially if that free money is Bitcoin, happy to earn free crypto too but free Bitcoin is my favourite

It looks like a fabulous app for fitness.