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RE: An Argument Against Bitcoin Maximalism and For Support of Altcoins and Alternative Blockchain Projects.

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I am no fan of maxi's because I do think they do a disservice to the space not because I think other cryptos are great I just believe if you care about a free market solution, you won't care about other cryptos you've picked your solution and if you're confident in it you won't have to preach or holla

99% of crypto projects are decentralised theatre and offer very little value for their market cap, I mean really let's be honest how many even in the top 10 are doing anything that the market needs. They're just a sign of the times, of experimentation and I get that, its money everyone wants to be in the game and become the best "money"

Bitcoin has one that race already, it solved the double-spend problem, it's to me the only network that is actually decentralised and it's hard cap/distribution model solves the problem we need of a measuring stick for value, both in and outside crypto.

I think the word crypto does a disservice, Bitcoin and crypto are 2 different things. for example, HIVE is a niche application, to me its more like equity in a company, where Bitcoin is more like a treasury bond, yes they both have value in the market but they do COMPLETELY different things.

All altcoins are to me is rehypothecation of the value of BTC and a potential promise that you can get Bitcoin for it.

To answer your questions I found STEEM through a friend I was blogging on Medium talking about crypto and he said to check out STEEM back in 2016 and I've been here ever since. I've onboarded about 8 people, only 1 uses it regularly

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I've onboarded about 8 people, only 1 uses it regularly

I've had similar experiences with bringing new people to HIVE. It seems it's easy enough to bring people here, however, keeping them here or keeping them active is a whole other story. Any idea why the other 7 aren't active? Engagement? Low rewards?

This is another issue that fascinates me about HIVE. A lot of people blog for a month or two then leave or become inactive.

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