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RE: Hive Rewards Distribution System: Good, Bad & Entitlement

in LeoFinance11 months ago

I think that too much focus is on rewards via inflation and no one talks about the coins in circulation already, you could transfer to users you like, you can tip (and destroy a portion of the coins in the process), hopefully, we'll see content subscriptions and paywall content in the future. I'd also like to see account and resource credit markets so communities can buy as much accounts and RC's they need for all their community to transact, giving more control to communities to do what they want

I think the more ways to distribute the faster the coins in circulation move around and the more productivity happening.

I also like that with tribes, for example, add revenue gets put back into the token


I absolutely agree! One of the most overlooked aspects of Hive is its wallet. It provides easy to use, secure, fast, and fee-less transfer capabilities. Using the Hive coin in everyday life transactions would be great. We are yet to see widespread implementation of this. Hopefully, somebody will come up with interesting Apps or implementations. HiveTips on Twitter is one of the great implementations too.