Litecoin HODL's Getting A Flare Airdrop

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Hey Jessinvestors

In crypto free money has become such a staple, people often expect it. There's an airdrop every week with the vast majority not being worth your time, I think my Meta Mask Wallet is proof of that lol.

Side note: Can someone figure out how to burn all those tokens or atomic swap them into ETH dust instead of just having these meaningless tokens that aren't even worth the gas fees.

Airdrops that actually turn into anything material are few and far between, off the top of my head I'd say airdrops/forks like HEX, BCH, ONT, UNI was worth getting into especially if you sold during those early excitement days and scored some of that free money profits.

Airdrops tend to live and die on the current liquidity of the market, and with Bitcoin starting to pump I think there will be more attractive airdrops coming, as was the case in 2016/17.

If the airdrop is a decent product like UNI, it can be worth keeping, if the airdrop is a random shit coin with no product behind it, it's time to drop it like its hot.


Airdrops flare-up

One airdrop that people are making a bit of noise about is the flare network which is a side chain product built one of those "blockchains" we all love to hate, XRP.

The chain brings smart contracts to the XRP network, something most of us probably couldn't give two shits about because no one is going to WANT to run smart contracts on XRP when you can do it on ETH, EOS, TRON and Polka for that matter.

The flare network dropped 46 billion tokens to XRP holders and it saw XRP pump up to around $0.70 as people wanted to get a bigger allocation of the airdrop. Now it has been reported that 5 billion tokens will be distributed to LTC holders.

I personally don't see this product as something the market needs or something worth investing in but if you own LTC like myself, it may be worth picking up your allocation. If XRP believers are anything to go by you'll know that there's irrational exuberance around the project and it should have enough demand to buy up the allocation you get.

Airdrops are coming

If this announcement is anything to go by I am pretty confident that there will be more airdrops coming in the near future. As frenzy and confidence come back into the market all sorts of weird and wonderful things will begin to happen.

BTC and ETH have begun to run, but I feel like it's still been timid in terms of bull runs so far, so my gut feeling is, its only getting started.

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UNI was worth getting into especially if you sold during those early excitement days and scored some of that free money profits

People who quickly sold off their UnI at 3$ must hate themselves right now.

I was also able to get some TWT tokens airdropped to binance users at the ending of last year, I hope to participate in much more,...I hate when the airdrop has to happen conditionally and I'm unable to participate, like the Uniswap airdrop, I couldn't participate simply because I'd never used uniswap, it hurt lol.

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Lol I got UNI a simply by dumb luck I wanted BAND and it was the only place selling the ERC 20 at the time and I needed some so I could convert once the mainnet launched so I bought it there and didn’t think twice about it and then a few months later oh cool 400 Uni lol

Loool lucky you isnt it! Band was really your wagon into Uniswap...(pun)

LOL BANDS make me dance

Hehehe niiiiiice!!!!

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Thanks for sharing this info

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Pleasure, I hope you score your airdrop and that it is worth collecting

Thanks for posting was not aware of ltc airdrop will buy some ltc if price drops.

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You could pick up some swap.LTC with your HIVE or HE tokens and then make sure it’s sent to an applicable wallet before the snapshot 😬

Hey man, sounds like exciting times are ahead. I have ltc what do i need to fo yo access the airdrop....? Awesome to see you blogging away. Been away but time to be back. Lol ❤

They have yet to announce the details of the airdrop but from their XRP drop it was based on certain exchanges or you could claim it via meta mask and they would provide the instructions. They only confirmed the next allocation would be to LTC holders but no date on when the snapshot will be taken

After XRP LTC is next for airdrop and its news since not many people are aware of it. Free money is always best to grab. Thanks for sharing this update

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Lol for sure, if I can grab some free sats I am always going to go for it, i'll probably dump it as soon as I get it

Looking forward to my airdrop! Thanks for the news :)

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who doesn't love free money lol! Gimme my gumdrops yummy yummy

i have the astronomical amount of 2 litecoins :P let's wait for further details!

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LOL I've got 4 and I WAAAAAY overpaid for 2 of them so I had to buy 2 when it crashed to average down, still not in profit on that one so this airdrop could help

guess i am one of the "lucky ones" had 3, bought them at 50$ and sold one for 300$ so 150$ profit. Now i just hodl and if ever got over 1000$ i may cash out but i don't see that coming anywhere soon :P

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Airdrops can be a good start I think specially for new comments. But only when they are not conditional.
I participated in a lot of them them and don’t even remember most of the names now 🤣🤣

LOL I have a Meta mask and MEW that I used for airdrops and its filled with thousands of tokens that aren't worth shit! I guess its just a nice memory of how to waste your time in crypto


I have participated a lot to get thise silly airdrops in post... join their discord, telegram,fb etc etc... and after that what you get does nit worth... but I guess airdrop distribute for holding some other coin worth to claim....

LOL I had to remove myself from tonnes of telegram and discord groups I even claimed shit like Litecoin cash when it forked, lol Airdrops was one my first cryptos I was able to own so it helped in a way to learn the tech but in terms of actual value I could spend lol not much

Thanks for the headsup. I don't have much LTC but I do have some. Do I have to do anything to get the airdrop?

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If its on one of the participating exchanges probably nothing, if not, you may need to move it to an exchange or use metamask to claim it once the snapshot is confirmed, it's still in the air and nothing has dropped yet