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Hey Jesswage slaves

I guess this will probably come off as a bit of a privilege rant but fuck it who among us is not guilty of one of those. I'm a millennial avocado toast and ranting with no idea of their actual privileged standing is what we do best.

I hear it all the time; in South Africa, we had apartheid, now I was really at the tail end of that shit, and for the most part, it didn't affect me too much, not as much as the asset grab that started in 1971 I would say but it's one of the popular demons round these parts.

Do I know what it was like to grow up and live in those times, no, have I heard the horror stories yes. People who grew up than had it hard compared to us keyboard warriors, but what they did have better was hard money.

Money that when you went to the store with a few coins or a note you came out with bags of groceries, not like today, I can spend thousands and come out with one bag of organic horse turds. This generations apartheid is inflation, and it's an unseen divider, that is so hard to put our finger on so we blame legacy systems, colonialism, apartheid, bla bla bla.

Not saying that shit wasn't terrible, not saying it didn't alter the course of history and peoples lives but I don't think its that big a problem as the currency crisis NO one talks about.


The lazy ass Millenial

I am your typical lazy ass Millenial all I would love to do is sit in a hammock, chill on the beach and do sweet fuck all with my time. The free love movement of the 60s got to do it and was sure as shit not punished for it, the retired well in their old age and lived out their golden years relatively unscathed.

I've been working for about 10 years now, well coming up to that and in the last 5, I work between 60 - 80 hours a week, as a lazy millennial. I live frugally, I don't have debt, well I leverage a credit card, but that's another story, and I invest like crazy.

Do I like doing any of this? Fuck no!! To me, its all a marshmallow test, all this pain or perceived pain has got to allow me some rest in the future. I'd rather work hard AF now and be able to rest as much as I want instead of working half-arsed each week to get a weekend off and 2 weeks paid vacation a year fuck that noise.

The cost of a Lambo

I see so many chasing Lambos and wanting to get rich while they are young and by all means fuck it up, get your money honey, do you boo! But think of the cost, to me nothing is worth more than leisure time.

I couldn't give 2 shits about a Lambo, a Lambo to me is like a few years of carefree days not having to worry about a job or work or fucking anything.

The only reason I invest is to rest, other than that, I'll figure it out once I have that free time on my hands.

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„I couldn't give 2 shits about a Lambo, a Lambo to me is like a few years of carefree days not having to worry about a job or work or fucking anything.“

  • Exactly, Lambos are for losers. Free time is the real luxury item 🧘‍♂️

LOL indeed I want to be rich by being as lazy as possible and not having it come back to bite me in the arse

i think that premise that millennials are lazy is just plain stupid. we work a lot even more of some previous generations. The money we earn compared to other generations may seem more but all the utility costs and costs, in general, have reached new highs. So it's just something for some people of older generations to complain:P

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I feel you man I actually did the calculations on purchasing power of my moms first salary 35 years ago and she earned more than double what I earned at my best was easy to work out matching it to gold

I told my dad and he was like stop talking shit you don’t know what you talking about it’s all relative so I just sort of kept it to myself and for my blog lol

yeah same shit with me

i break down the economics then i received a generic answer like "when i was your age it was difficult as well" so i changed the subject :P

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2017 Lamborghini Huracan starts at a base price of $199,800. With the average insurance rate at $5,232 per year.
For that price I'd rather buy a decent One or two Bedroom Condominium and rent it out for passive Income $1200 per month.

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Lol you make a good point there, the only reason I could possibly think of owning a lambo is if was gifted one or if I had such an insane income that it made sense to limit the tax by wasting it on a lambo and even then I’d still go for the condo and keep buying more buildings instead

60-80 hours per week?

Lol I am a machine! I am currently working on 23 websites

60-80 hours per week? I hope for your sake you get that time back in kind when all your BTC and other investments come in!

LOL I am a bit of a machine and all these lockdowns just encourage this bad behaviour but I thought if I go HAM for a few years I can go chill for more!

Yeah man, hope it works out for you. I'm probably working about the same actually when I think about it including the day job, blogging on top of that whilst making tunes for extra... Having the auto sats buys and crypto savings to build running in the background is where I'm at. Checking out at 40 if all goes well, yes please!

At least my investment and crypto stuff doesn't feel like work because I am having fun, but work work, lol that has long since had any shred of fun stripped from it, I often question how they money keeps me motivated

Haha man, ditto! I just think of the money as a time conversion factor that then gets turned into Bitcoin so it's like day trading with a twist

You dont seems to be a real millenians. Maybe a Fake One. A waanabee
Please stop working so much and be more ĺazy!

LOL I try to be like my millennial brothers and sisters but sometimes I still have this work ethic since I don't want to starve

I rather starve then be rich / Millenians

lol I don't feel I need to be a millionaire, I just want to be a lazy millennial that doesn't need to work for his avocado toast

Working for more than 10 hours a day
Take some rest man 🤣
I would not mind occasional breaks
We can not go out these days but to be break is just being away from work so that think about other things in life
This sometime gives you a different perspective 😀

LOL I do take my breaks to do my chores like clean the house, make food and then do my exercises, but yes It sure does feel like a prison of late

We have similar goals!

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Glad to see I am not the only one, so I am not crazy

Lambo is a nice thing to have sure... IF you have millions of dollars in front of you doing nothing.
I mean I would consider that as a goal only after being able to own my land, my house and having enough to live without having to raise a finger for anything else that I want (i.e not working for a boss).

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I'm with you, I am not going to let a lambo ensure that I have to work an extra day lol fuck that, let me first chill my ass off and if I still have so much left maybe I'll think about it, but I think theres better things to spend on like travelling for me

Damn right, travelling is way before Lambo haha

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What’s the first place you’ll visit if the Cash wasn’t a problem?

I never been in South America, there are some places I would like to go there for sure.
Maybe Argentina. Panama also to open a bank account since I'm there :D

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Investment is the only way to financial freedom. If one wants to avoid working too much in the future then start making investments today.

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Absolutely, It's really become quite the goal for me, I really can't see myself working till I'm old or worse, still having to worry about money when I'm old and scrimping and saving

Love the humor. :)

You see counting the cost of what we are to loose is one crucial step a lot of people neglect. As much as a lambo is cool, financial freedom is much cooler. All I need is to have it at ease, money that I could buy what I want to take care of myself, the lambo could literally crash on just one crazy drive and there goes thousands of dollars, suckish.

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Lol exactly and I still have to pay to repair it, pay for fuel and pay for and all that rubbish just seems like more expenses to me that won't help me keep my ass relaxing. I want less stress and worries, not more, I don't need possesions owning me