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RE: Hive: One Major Advantage Over Bitcoin And Ethereum

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When they need to move money between exchanges, I always recommend my friends to use Hive. It is fast and costs a fraction of pretty much any other crypto.

All the major exchanges have Hive so its not an issue.

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Very smart suggestion. It really makes a great deal of sense when you think about it.

Why use LTC or BTC between exchanges if you can use HIVE.

Coinbase is one that you cant do that with.

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Coinbase is one that you cant do that with.

Unfortunately. Currently that is the only cryptocurrency exchange that supports Hungarian Forint (HUF), so I have to use other cryptocurrencies, if I would like to buy/sell Hive with/for Hungarian Forint (HUF).

I feel your pain since it is the one I use also and, as such, have to go through other tokens.

It is a pain in the ass and requires going through something like Blocktrades.

We will see what some of these projects bring to the table in terms of exposure. Something like 3Speak might elevate things.

I have a feeling things will be very different around here by the end of the year.

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