Leo Curation: I've Made it to 4000 Leo Power For Curation!

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It's a pretty big day for me (and technically you too) because I have reached 4000 Leo Power to curate with!

When I started using LeoFinance again in December I set a personal goal to be a curator and help people grow. I know the value of community support and was always dumbfounded at the shortsightedness of the steem community.

Curation and engagement can make or break a platform and I was inspired by the commitment of whales of @leofinance and @onealfa.leo in particular. I wanted to curate like they did but with one difference.

Whales cannot curate forever. They can really only give so much and cannot be counted on as a constant for any platform. Their collective idea to distribute wealth on Leofinance can realistically only prime the pump and the middle class that emerges on the platform must to pay it forward if this platform is going to thrive.

That's what I want to do. I believe that Return on Community (ROC) is greater than Return on Investment (ROI). Many before me like @trumpman and @edicted have shouldered a lot of the burden. None of the whales have ever complained but it's time for us little guys to step up and curate.

I know that 4000 LP between my 2 accounts (@tulwave & @cflclosers) is not much but I earned, bought or was delegated my Leo. It wasn't air dropped to me like so many others that got a leg up. I'm doing the work and paying it forward by powering up everything I've earned and voting manually to encourage new authors. I generally don't follow the big voters, I try and splash my votes around because even at only 4000 lp my 100% vote is worth .3ish leo and that is meaningful for people who are just starting out.

My next goal is obviously 5000LP. I will see you there!

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Congratulations on getting 4000 LP. I am currently at 32 LP so I am slowly making my way up. I plan to get that a little higher than focus on LBI until the price changes.

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I would encourage you do what you think is best. You will get the new airdrops either way. I personally focus on Leo right now because I like voting for people.

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