LBRY's LBC token up 100% Today. What's Happening?

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I noticed earlier this morning that LBRY Token (LBC) was up around 30% this morning and I couldn't figure out why.

And now as we are 1/2 hour away from New Years est time it is up 100% to $.125. For those that don't know, LBRY is a decentralized video platform similar to Youtube.

It's not something I use but they give out free tokens when you log in and click any video. You don't even need to hang around. I have accumulated 700ish tokens for that effort which is over $70 today which I sent to bittrex so I can ultimately convert onto Leo.

It nice when a little habit can turn into money so I want to make sure everyone on @leofinance can make the choice to grab it. It's like a faucet that actually pays.

I don't know about usership over there but if you are a video content creator posting there can't hurt. The videos do not rank well in google but they are indexed.

It can't find news on why LBRY is up 100% today so if anyone knows I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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Keep playing! Yeah man congratulations on your success

Haven't tried libry yet, but sounds tempting.

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