Is LeoFinance Dragging Hive Earnings Along For The Ride?

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A few weeks back I posted an article called something like I quit Hive to make more Hive and it got quite a response. People were starting to see the same thing I was seeing and it seems to be the fault of @leofinance.

I was fed up with Hive. Well, not the token, believe it or not, but the community and lack of engagement I could find there. I pretty much dropped out except for my Actifit posts.

But honestly, the base layer hive community was like talking to a wall. Everyone that I had engaged with was pretty much gone.

So my plan became to convert out of hive and go into Leo. I would be 100% out but the price of Leo became too steep as I believe that in the long run Hive will hit it's stride. But I was done posting and engaging on hive.

But something funny happened. The more Hive I got rid of, the more I earned! As I started exclusively from the gateway I started to get nice votes from the @leo.voter on hive. And it has been adding up. I now have over 4000 Hive again.

For new users out there, the @leo.voter is Hive initiative whereby you delegate some hive power to @leo.voter and earn a nice return Leo tokens. But that delegated account goes around and votes on Leofinance posts on Hive. It's a Win/Win/Win!

It seems to me that @leofinance is literally dragging Hive along on its ride of vision, leadership, development, and implementation.

Again, I'm not down on Hive the blockchain because I honestly believe it is the best around, I was just over the lack of easily accessible community and support.

So now I have a chunk of Hive again and I'm thinking about keeping it. I will make my way to 5000 Hive around the same time I make it 5000 Leo Power. How Cool is That?

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on Hive and the @leo.voter. Are you delegating your Hive or are you converting to Leo and powering up?

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I have been building my own modern finances site and was thinking to eventually somehow also share my stuff on Leo but haven't figured out a way to do it that isn't disrespectful to the community.

I just don't think posting to tell them to go somewhere else to read my stuff is fair to the community and I don't know the effects it could have on the SEO on my main site to just copy/paste my stuff on Leo but I really want to participate somehow.

This is something I've been brainstorming too because I want to invite small businesses to join natural medicine but want to avoid spamming and posts that just feel like shallow advertisements.

Let's figure this out

I don't think there's an easy solution here, really complex problem and based mostly on community standards and respect.

I just wrote a post about how an NGO-like organization could Natural Medicine in an unspammy and respectful way that feels organic. Maybe it'll give you some ideas.

Watch out. Wendy might steal your money.

you really missed my point.

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It's a joke.
But I think you missed the point of why we support her. It's not about her or the money she earns. She'll bring a bunch of new users on Hive as jerrybanfield and trevon did.
One would expect you to understand that with your experience working with influencers.

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again you missed my point. And i understand we support her. And I think it's great My point was that dumping an older video on is and putting it in the popular feed isn't cool. Not when it's about crypto news. People assume that it's fresh

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Wow! That's cool.
It seems the more you run away from Have the more it pursues you with its tokens lol.
I can't believe you already earned so much even after not engaging on the platform.

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Unfortunately, I am aiming for more HP first. I have gathered LEO through interacting with the community and all of this will either go to LP or LBI. I have zero plans to sell LEO currently. The reason for not selling my HP is resource credits. Without a meaningful amount of HP available, the amount you can interact will be quite low. Adding in all the Dapps that use resource credits such as Splinterlands means you need at least a minimum amount to satisfy your daily needs. When I have enough to satisfy my daily activity then I can consider delegating or converting.

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good points. I don't seem to use many Resource Credits. They are always hovering around 100%. Seems like I should be able to delegate a portion of those somewhere.

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Well I've delegated 3000HP to leo.voter but I don't get vote from it, I might have done something wrong :)

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it's awesome, i enjoy some cool upvotes every now and then from leo voter and when i manage to accumulate a certain amount then i will delegate to leo again!

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Yeah. I'm having trouble convincing myself to power up hive again

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I'm somewhat between a rock and a hard place on whether to definitively switch over to or not. Especially for posting about subjects not related to crypto. I get that except for a few islands, hive can seem somewhat stale, especially when just beginning.

I hear you. But also when you've been around for 3 years steem/hive. It's not fun anymore. But Leofinance is, so I'm content.

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4k Hive for posting on Leo, that's what I'm talking about! Now -Double Down- buy some Leominers with it :))

Great Stuff, keep rocking!

The only reason Hive doesn't pump is, there is no use case for mass RCs.If Hive can be used to pay smart contracts, smts, or something, the price would be very different.

On one site it is very cool. Everyone can use hive for cheap. On the other side, there is atm no need to have super large amounts powered up.

But I think the core dev team knows that problem and there will be adding something to make the base token more valuable.

its better and effective if you have both in same
fixed number of Token
HIVE dolphin
generate curation both side

Is still not clear how @leo.voter makes Leo from the HP delegation. It uses the Hive earned to buy it from the market?

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Lol sounds like you just hung out with the wrong people at hive. Leo is cool too though. And yeah communities built on hive are it’s future, that is where newbs will find a home. We gotta give some love to the other platforms and tokens though

Muy interesante lo que estas realizando es muy instructivo, gracias por compartir.