Is $ 200 a lot of money in Venezuela?

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My answer would definitely be NO. Every day the Venezuelan has been hit by the exaggerated increases in food, that prices are not stable, in the morning there is one price in the afternoon another. All this due to the increase in the $, but when its value drops, at no time do you trade it lower the price of food.

Price of a basic Family basket

1 $ equals 690,000 Bs.F
Venezuelan worker monthly salary 400,000 Bs F. equals $ 0.53

1 Kilo milk 6.7 $
1 Kilo cheese 3.2 $
1 egg carton 2.8 $
1 Kilo of pasta 1.5 $
1 kilo of rice 1.2 $
1 kilo of precooked flour 1.3 $
1 Kilo of meat 4.5 $
1 kilo of fish 3.2 $
1 kilo of wheat flour 1.2 $
1 sauce 2 $
1 mayonnaise 2.5 $
1 coffee (200grm) 1.2 $
1 kilo grains 2 $
1 kilo of sugar 1.2 $
1 liter oil 1.9 $
Fruits, vegetables and vegetables $ 10


Giving a total of 46.4 $, for a week, this amount of food for a family of 4 people (father, mother and two children) that is equivalent if both parents work earning a minimum salary that equals 0.53 $, would be 1.06 $. What does the Venezuelan buy with that salary, not even for breakfast a day. Many have emigrated, others have relatives abroad who send them, another does extra work that is charged in dollars, another have made use of making money online, social networks, conducting surveys, among the various varieties that exist on the internet and that they are allowed in our country.

This amount of money only carries the food that without entering the price of gas, due to the great deficiency that in our country a small 10 kg cylinder is being charged at $ 20, the Venezuelan has managed to cook, that be it a wood stove, an electric stove (this without putting the 6-hour electrical reasoning) or the popular diesel stove. Apart from where you live, the price of transportation is different, that other expenses that the Venezuelan makes daily, that ranges from $ 1 to $ 2 a day in a week, it would take up to $ 6 to $ 12 a week.


So far we have touched on the necessary things that the Venezuelan has prioritized the most, but where it is left for the detergent expenses those of the toilet, or also the clothes, the shoes that cannot be purchased monthly. In this December time it was customary to have the money to celebrate the Christmas parties to buy new clothes, things for the house, paint among others, the small Christmas gift that is given to the children. It is sad not to be able to give things to your children, to see their sad face of not having a happy Christmas with a gift, or that your child asks you for food you do not have the way to give answers.

But what happens are the services of our country?

Well, the other side of the coin is, here the payment of these services is one of the cheapest things that exists, there are even some that do not even pay it like water.
The internet is another service that is worth nothing $ 0.02 per month, but this service does not work at all. There are many people who in order to have a good internet to work have made an investment as was my case that we made with my brothers, apart from acquiring the antenna, only the monthly service is $ 40, it is a great sacrifice that is made but at the same time an investment.

It is $ 200 a lot of money for a Venezuelan, it is not.

I hope to see answered some questions that my first post asked me like:

@hitmeasap:$ 0.92 per month? Whoa ...
This post is worth almost $ 10 right now, so it is literally worth what you earn for 10 months of work ...
It's really crazy how things can be so different from one country to another ... I'd love to know more about your living expenses, the cost of food, electricity, etc.

@rollandthomas Welcome @ celi130, could you write about inflation in your country, how difficult it is to find food, current affairs ... that would be great as I have an interest in learning about the everyday life of other people in different countries? Thanks a lot.

@trumpikas Great post, I would love to know more about life and the financial system in Venezuela. It seems that life there is quite difficult and crypto platforms could really help people in your country and other similar countries.

This is a small example of some questions asked by you. I know that there is still a lack of answering other questions but it is a small example.

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I think that some prices are close to the prices of Mexican products but some are more expensive. Here we could live with 700 pesos a week, that is around 35 Dollars. But that would only be for food, we spend around 10 dollars a month on other things like soap, shampoo, toilet paper. For internet, we pay around 35 dollars including our cellphones. Electricity is cheap, around 7 dollars every two months. There are other expenses but those are the most common.

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You too are leveraging cryptocurrency in a way that looks like it can help to offset shortcoming in your country.

This is all great to see and be a part of. Together, we are changing things around the world.

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Crypto has definitely changed my life for the better as I have said many times, it's a dream come true.

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Hi, @eddiespino

Yesterday I could not answer because you had electrical reasoning, after they installed the light, I did not have internet. Well I am with you again.

If some things are cheaper in your country, if you say that $ 35 per week can buy food. Here the price of food varies almost every day, there is no stability.

When you go out to buy, it is not like before you had a list, you said you were going to buy it. Here in my country we only say "I'm going to see what I can buy" because it is uncertain what we can buy with the money we carry.

Well thank God, that there are pages like leofinance, which helps you shovel the economy.

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Holy shit.. that's not a lot to live on. Keep on blogging..

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Not a lot to live on especially in comparison to the price of what things cost.

Any idea, @davedickeyyall what the going price for weed is in Venezuela?

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No clue..

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Hi, @davedickeyyall

Yesterday I could not answer because you had electrical reasoning, after they installed the light, I did not have internet. Well I am with you again.

Thank you for your words of course I will continue blogging, I have a little girl who depends on me.

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That's crazy!

Keep it up and stay safe!

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Life in a country where there is a total loss in confidence in the economy and government followed by the inevitable money printing to try and save the day.

It is something that we read about but put into perspective when we get first hand accounts.

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Hi, @eirik

Yesterday I could not answer because you had electrical reasoning, after they installed the light, I did not have internet. Well I am with you again.

If it is crazy that we live here in Venezuela.

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My question is:
Why people still keep their jobs. They should just stay at home.

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Hi, @oldtimer

Yesterday I could not answer because you had electrical reasoning, after they installed the light, I did not have internet. Well I am with you again.

Many have years in a job, it is customary even fifteen and last, although that payment does not generate you to buy anything. Feel the fear of going out to look for a new job, or that there are no other possibilities such as the internet, a blog that pays you to publish, or they are unaware of cryptocurrency.

Others do not have the means or the devices to stay home working. Other people think they can't.

My experience was equal to 15 years in a low paid job. I was afraid of giving up, I have a little girl who depends completely on me. Until one day I decided to earn money for cryptocurrency. I already had more than two years blogging first steem, then hive, but even so there was the fear of leaving that job. Because sometimes is publications did not generate almost money.

Well the most ironic thing is that I always saw Leofinance as an inappropriate page for my content, or that this platform could not contribute anything. It was the opposite, in a few days that I have been with my family, many have advised me as @taskmaster4450le that every day that I publish, he gives me a motivating word to keep moving forward. Well, my publications have done me very well here, making me feel less stressed or august about my daughter's feeding.

Thanks to the platform and the Leofinance family for their great project, for their hard work in taking this to the moon. Thank you for this window of light that gives me every day to be able to bring bread to my table.

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$200 though is barely a lot of money in any aspect of the world. Just wondering how the living standard of people will be in venezuela

It is obviously poor just looking at the food costs.

Nothing worse than low wage, high cost of living. That makes for some very poor people.

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Really terrible to hear and the government is not doing anything about it

Better not to mention the government. It is the worst corruption that Venezuela has experienced. Socialism that disguised itself as equality. It brought hunger, poverty, misery, the worst for Venezuela. We have experienced a corrupt government but none like this. Many Grandparents say that they have never been so hungry, so humiliated as we live now.

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That's pathetic.
In the present world we are, corrupt government should not be given a room to breed again. I believe the people of venezuela should stand up and fight against them because they can't continue like that. How long will they be continue to rule by corrupt government

The government is a major part of the problem.

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Hi @mandate

Yesterday I could not answer because you had electrical reasoning, after they installed the light, I did not have internet. Well I'm with you again

If you see a lot of money, but in my country it is not. That does not touch the issue of drug prices are more expensive than food. Well life in Venezuela is depressing, many people even looking for food in the garbage. Others eat only once, others do not eat.

There are more deaths from malnutrition than from any other disease. But the Covid-19 has hit our economy more.

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Bad to hear. Malnutrition to hear of in the country is bad.
How about they trying to start some agricultural practice, perhaps it can get them some food instead of depending on the government who is corrupted

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Salary is easy to match but, obviously, the food prices are not.

We are glad you are on here sharing your insights into what the situation is like in your country. It is also wonderful that you are following another approach to bring money in for your family.

Cryptocurrency is offering people alternatives, which is vital. Where the present financial structure broke down, crypto is another economic system that you can leverage for the benefit of your family.

Keep up the good work on here. You are quickly becoming a valued member of this community.

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Hi @taskmaster4450le

If the salary can be matched, but food prices cannot.

But I am glad I belong to this family of Leofinance. That with your support they have helped me bring bread to my table. If I decided to leave my job in February of this year. These are hours that even the payment of my settlement does not give it to me. That is the fear of many people to leave their job. That you can't even count on your liquidation to invest in something.

If a cryptocurrency has changed my world, I know that of many people. I still need to learn more about this world, I only handle the cryptocurrency Hive, Leo and the other tribe I have not been able to invest in another.

Keep up the good work here. You are quickly becoming a valuable member of this community.

This word inspires me to continue here, I have never felt as much support or motivation as I have found it here. Thanks for your words and support.

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@tipu curate

Hi, @Stever82
Thanks for your support. Many blessings to you.

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