Investing in Cryptocurrency? .- It never crossed my mind.

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Investing in cryptocurrency never crossed my mind, buying Cryptocurrency much less, the only thing I always did was invest my time in making a post to get some money and thus be able to buy the things I need for food and basic things for me daughter.

But yesterday, when I made a post that staked my first Leos, someone said some very wise words to me:

Collecting all that you earn is not a way to change your financial future. Instead, you simply change your financial present. @taskmaster4450le.

These words during the night I was lying with my daughter, they made me a lot of noise and once again it crossed my mind, I looked at my daughter asleep. My questions were what do I want for my daughter? A better future or a good present? Of course, the answer at the same time was both I want my daughter to have a good present that she does not lack her food, her remedies so that she grows up healthy, but at the same time I want to ensure a financial future for her, as if it were my escrow that us both will help in the future, because thus continuing on this course that until now we do not know where this dirty policies will take us, this hyperinflationary economy that food rises every day without any control.

Today I sold some coins that I had, I bought some Leo coins, I know they are hardly few, I have always read people who buy 1000, 100 Leo, well that up to now is not my case, I cannot acquire those large amounts, but as they say a saying in my country

"From grain to grain the hen fills the crop"

This does not imply that little by little extraordinary things can be found, so we must not believe that nothing is little, if we continue to persist and add a grain every day we will be able to obtain our wishes, with sacrifices but we obtain it. One of the things my father taught me is not to let myself be defeated by anything or anyone, that by fighting and persevering you get what you want.

Well today acquire 11.96 Leo at a price of 1.84 Hive. It is a good price at which it was days ago which was the 2.1 Hive, this is an offer that we must take advantage of now because tomorrow these coins will have a value of up to $ 1 or up to $ 10, can you imagine when that moment arrives, that my investment of 2.5 $, tomorrow it will become 12 dollars, or 120 $ that to what I would call a good investment and think ahead, others would say that lucky for me it would not be lucky for my serious confidence in a project, commitment to a platform that has given you great moments that I previously did not have in another.

Well apart from acquiring those 11.96 Leo, I set 20 Leo today, my Leo Power reaching 102 Leo Power. This way I continue to ensure the future of my daughter, and not just a present.


What plans do i have

Continue posting, commenting and curating on, as I get the opportunity to continue investing in small Leo acquirers and then stake it to reach my proposed goals.

My daughter have a better future.

Thank you
Celimar Muñoz.

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A wise move grasshopper.

In my opinion, this will help to solidify things going forward. Obviously, one needs to be bullish on LEO and the future it presents. That is the case for many of us here. The second piece of the equation is that we are going to do all we can to make it successful.

One of the great things is we can influence the return we get. By inviting others, being active, supporting those who are here, we can help this place to grow. This is what will eventually help the token price.

At the same time, while the value of your curation vote might be small, you get 50% of that. This means that you will be able to earn 10 of them each day. Again, if we look at things from a time perspective, that will add up over time.

Do not compare yourself to what others are doing. Focus upon the impact this will have on your life in your country. A country where minimum wage is $1 a month, how much of a different will it be if your LEO grows to, say, $1.50 each. That is more than $150 you have saved up, or more than many will make in 10 years.

Will it get to that point? I cannot say but I do feel very comfortable with that projects. Either way, be sure to keep putting a bit more away in your staked total each week and watch it grow. The market price will take care of itself over the long term.

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Don't compare yourself to what others do. Focus on the impact this will have on your life in your country. In a country where the minimum wage is $ 1 a month, what difference will it make if your LEO grows to, say, $ 1.50 each? That's more than $ 150 you have saved, or more than many will earn in 10 years.

I always like your advice. Your comments I read over and over again, I always look forward to it. Because I learn something new that helps me move forward.

Will it get to that point? I can't say it, but I feel very comfortable with those projects. Either way, be sure to keep putting a little more into your stake total each week and watch it grow. The market price will be looked after only in the long term.

Of course I will, every week betting, what it would mean for my great commitment that ensures a good future for my daughter.

Thank you @taskmaster4450le for always stopping by my post and leaving me great lessons.

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I bought some LEO as well today, using some HIVE, but yours seems more precious than mine. You give it a purpose, a highly noble one. Wish you a great and rewarding experience on leofinance.

Oh, @onealfa if you have some spare LP... you know, it would be nice if you would...

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Thank you...
Yes, every day that I am here is to give the best to my daughter. In my country the economy is strong, my daughter is barely two years old, which I most want to ensure her present and future. It is strong to be the breadwinner of a home.
Like every mother, she wishes the best for her daughter.

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You're doing a good job.

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Thanks for your words.

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Celimar, you are doing great in here. Mrs. Venezuela of Leofinance. As you can see people are helping you and are willing to help. That is for sure.

In one year you might be able to move out of Venezuela to a better country to live, where your daughter has a better chance for a nicer life. Just be smart, plan ahead and commit of growing everyday. I'm still telling you to check those LBI tokens in 8 days, this will be the first time you will do some passive earning, something every sane person shall aim for.

If you have any question and concern, feel free to ask :)

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Of course, I will make my first purchases on December 7 LBI, it would be my second investment.

Thank you for your words. Of course looking for a better way for my daughter.

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Grain by grain, at a steady pace. Crypto taught us to think in long term.. I'm planning to increase my 5 LP soon.

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That's right, from grain to grain the power increases. Beautifully because he does it with all the effort.

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Wishing you more of those LEO! You are a wonderful human being! Keep on writing!

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Thanks for your words. Of course I will carry on day by day.

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Thanks for sharing my post on your social networks.

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Motherly love is powerful. Motherly love make everything.
You use for daily expenses and stake for future LEO you earn.

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Maternal love is powerful. Maternal love does it all.

This is a true word, a mother's love for a child is great, she gives everything for everything. She takes a bite out of her mouth to give to her children.

So powerful that it not only takes care of its present but also ensures a future.

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You're right about that perspective of considering the future but living in the present. Forever a balancing act but glad you've been able to do both. Staking that Leo for the future will also start earning you curation rewards now, along with posting and commenting etc.

Keep inspiring!

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Yes, that would be a double benefit. While I secure a future while betting I can obtain a Voting Power, which will generate 50% in daily reward. This is super cool.

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It's eye opening right? The possibilities of what's available here and now. I love it!

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congrats for the total of 100+ leo power! Now that i am thinking i am gonna buy some as well!

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I am glad that you are considering acquiring the Leo, it is a good investment. Thank you

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hehehe i bought 100!

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