How has Crypto and Blockchain Technology Impacted your Personal Finance?

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This is my post for the participation of the initiative recently published by @theycallmedan asking "How has Crypto and Blockchain technology impacted your personal finances?"

Well this would start with a story that happened two years ago.

It starts like this….

The first time I heard about cryptocurrencies was in August 2018, I started on the steemit platform, on the recommendation of my brother @ junior82, where he told me about this platform and its benefits, that when publishing content they would pay me, I confess that at the beginning I did not believe him, as a page would pay me to publish, if to have a blog, you have to have money. Well, but I'm still curious, I gave myself the task of investigating, I found enough information, I saw those post in trends with a number that marked votes and next to others with the $ sign, my eyes shone when I saw so much money that could help me with the situation I was experiencing of having an 8 hour job and a girl in my arms who needed me.

Apart from the fact that my father was diagnosed with a Tumor Injury in the cervical area, which made my father lose strength every day, until he became paraplegic, my brothers and I did everything to operate him, we collected money, we sold food, because my Father had to be operated urgently, even though he was going to be operated on in a public hospital, he had to buy everything he needed for the operation, from the surgical gown to the injections, because in my country we are going through a tough situation that in hospitals there is not even for an injection. But after almost a year he and my mother were in another state to be able to operate on it, but a few days before operating it to my sister, the Dr. tells her about the risks of the operation, among them being paralyzed, being left vegetable or dying in the surgery, when this was known, my mother told my father, he decided not to have surgery.

Well I remember that my first posts were about technological products, innovation among others, the label I used or the community where I participated first was steemhunt, where sometimes I did well, sometimes not, but it helped me with the expenses of the house and the feeding my daughter.

This platform at the beginning was like a source of income an extra job, but as time passed I immersed myself more and my thoughts changed, now it was a sea of ​​knowledge where day by day I obtained new information from different areas, where I got friends in where time or distance exists, it was my blog where I could publish from different areas and with a value sense.
After death my father lasted a while without publishing, he did not cause me anything, but little by little I started again, but I still continued in my old job, I could not leave it, I had a little girl who depended on me (being a single mother), help my mother get ahead, we are people with few resources and here in my country the situation is strong, but at the same time we are a VERY UNITED FAMILY, I confess that I was going to my job out of obligation, I did not want to continue, but I could not leave my job without having something secure, I worked part shift for the breastfeeding period.

A year later at my job, she informed me that I had to start working both shifts, at that moment I did not know what to do, I wanted to get out, my only way out was Steemit, which was the only part that obtainedyear-old girl.

But in that same year, due to fate, this Steemit platform seemed to be closing, there was a discussion that I little understood (it was focused on my problems) someone bought Steemit inc, a person by the name of Justin, I saw many posts about that, now I felt that my only way out was closing, I had to continue in my first job, with a bad salary and bad treatment from the bosses, I felt very badly sad, depression.

A month before declaring Covid-19 in my country Venezuela, I talked to my brothers and I told him how I felt, in that my brother @ junior182 had a new job where he was doing well, my sister worked in Barquisimeto among those who told me that He could help me, while I established myself with my career in Public Accounting independently, I resigned on February 28, 2020 after 15 years working in that entity that my work was never valued, that continued because there was no job market in my city , that today, November 25, not even my settlement payment has been given to me.

My daughter and I

I continued making my post on Steemit, but with the fear that that little window that I had would close and all users would be left without them, a new crisis, but then something emerged in Steemit there was a lot of information about HIVE New Web 3.0 at the beginning I thought it was a platform for developers, but it was not for me, every day that passed I found more information about HIVE, after reading each post, I felt hope, joy, excitement, a new opportunity arose, already It would not be without this platform, groups of people joined and created HIVE with new missions, vision, values ​​where we can all reach it.

HIVE opened its doors, many people emigrated to this new great platform, a few days later I met the GEMS community, where my post was valued, many people were starting, not only what we emigrated, but more people joined HIVE, I found the economic stability where I can help my family and my daughter, new friends, knowledge and experience that today make me thank God for these great opportunities, as the saying goes:

"When one door closes, thousands open", where in the midst of crises there are new opportunities, which are there waiting for us to be discovered.

But the story does not end here, a few days ago I started on a platform that I often read publications such as @, the platform is Leofinance, I felt that I could never contribute anything on this platform, what post would I do, well I took the chance to do A post, the first one I made was introducing myself, the next morning I feed my girl, I open the computer I see that my post is in the first trending places I remember that we were very excited hug my daughter, that same day I created a second post on this same platform, to show other users like me that there is no need to fear leaving the comfort zone to venture something new just like I did come here to this great Leofinance Platform, which feels like home, for the great people who exist here, who give you suggestions, are aware of your publications help you to move forward. My second post was in the first places,


I have a few days on this platform, it has been very good for me. He helped me buy some medicine for my daughter and her food. What awaits me in the future I still do not know, but I know that along with this platform many good things await me.

How has Crypto and Blockchain technology impacted your personal finances?

  • First he helped me as an extra entrance, in which I could buy food and things for my daughter. Today it is my workplace where I can say that I am a blogger who loves Cryptocurrency because they have been a help in my day to day, meeting the needs of my daughter and mine. Where the politics of a corrupt government does not enter it. Where this hyperinflationary economy that hits Venezuela has given me weapons to fight it, best of all, my daughter lacks nothing.
  • Where it gave me the freedom to choose and leave a job that I kept for 15 years, poorly paid and that I never liked. When you are in a workplace that you like, you feel good.

  • Where it allows me to see my daughters every day being close to her and watching her grow.

  • To continue here in my country, with my family and friends.

  • Meet new people from around the world where there is no distance or time in space.

Leofinance I appreciate being here and all the users who make life in it, where I have had a helping hand, advice, knowledge, where people care about you to grow together with it. Where I have a future with my daughter.

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I've seen similar stories where people first doubt their ability to contribute especially in a community like Leofinance, I always try to tell the ones I can that it is really not that hard, it is nice to know that you tried and you discovered that you could be a part of the community, anybody actually can.

And the truth is, the more one spends time reading from others here, the better ones knowledge in finance management increases.

Interesting story, it is nice to see that crypto is having such impact on your life and finances. I wish you more beautiful experiences ahead.

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Well, if many people doubt coming to this platform.

And the truth is that the more time you spend reading about others here, the better your knowledge of financial management increases.

Here you have many reasons, I am learning from other users. Every day I acquire new knowledge.
Also new friends.

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Also, the fact that everyone on here is engaging in cryptocurrency means that all have something to contribute.

Hopefully the numbers grow very quickly. The impact on lives can be great.

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Hopefully the numbers grow very fast. The impact on life can be great.

May your words come true ...

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Where it gave me the freedom to choose and leave a job that I kept for 15 years, poorly paid and that I never liked. When you are in a workplace that you like, you feel good.

This is really a point that I think many overlook. Even many people make good money in their jobs, very few truly like them. They toil for years (decades) doing something they truly despise.

It is good to see people starting to embrace cryptocurrency and have options. The lower the level to survive, financially, the quicker one can be assisted by cryptocurrency.

Eventually, we could see hundreds of millions of people doing what you are. They can have their lives forever changed by cryptocurrency.

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Cryptocurrency gave me the freedom of fifteen years of tethering. It is giving me stability to the economy that we endure.

I sleep peacefully at night because I know that my daughter will not lack anything.

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Stories like this always make me happy to be part of HIVE and now LeoFinance. This is how social media should work for everyone! I'm so happy you took a chance and joined the blockchain revolution!

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Yes, I'm glad to be here ...
Be free, do something that I like to write.

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public hospital, he had to buy everything he needed for the operation, from the surgical gown to the injections, because in my country we are going through a tough situation that in hospitals there is not even for an injection

Wow the situation in Venezuela is really bad. I heard that mostly nobody can live with the salaries there and either have "internet jobs" like this or have relatives in America or other countries that send them money. Is it true?

Great post and i am so glad that Leo/Hive or in general the crypto world had helped you out in real life!

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Wow, the situation in Venezuela is really bad. I heard that hardly anyone can live on wages there and have "internet jobs" like this or have relatives in the United States or other countries who send money to them. It is true?

The situation in my country is migrant. This is how many people survive because they have relatives abroad. Others who work like me on a platform like this

Others buying currencies so that the currency can devour.

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Others buying currencies so that the currency can devour.

ahh didn't know about this! thanks for the info!

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That's great that you are able to earn an income from cryptocurrency and make it real and turn it into something you can use in daily life, you are far ahead of the curve. I own a fiar amount of crypto and I can't really use it for anything It's really just a store of value for me

I would like to be able to use it one day but for now, I want to compound my returns while I still have the ability to earn fiat

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What a shame that you can not use those coins, that your country is giving up these coins?

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This is a true-life story, a total "Testimony".
Thank you for sharing it with us, you have truly been blessed to enter this crypto sphere.

God bless you and your beautiful daughter.

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Yes, thanks to my God who guided me to this great path that is helping me a lot at home.

You also know that it is strong to live in this country. One more single mother.

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