Alexa Rank.- Venezuela is in the first place looking for new economic alternatives, using the platform

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In my previous post I have talked about the economy of this country, how each is consumed in a hyperinflation that will soon explode. The Venezuelan earns a minimum salary of less than a dollar, an income that he cannot acquire or food or medicine. Apart from knowing that many do extra work charged in dollars, apart from those who have people abroad they send remittances, what else has the Venezuelan done? In

During this time of Covid-19, many people went home for a while, others set up food warehouses, the vast majority made use of the internet.
This alternative that he has found is to generate income through the internet, placing in his search engines ways to generate daily income from home, leaving many options that some are pure scams or waste of time.

Today I made a review by Alexa Rank on, showing me that Venezuela is in first place with 37.6% visitors a large number, second is Mexico in third place Australia. This specifies that the Venezuelan is looking for a new direction and some of his cryptocurrency options.


Another page I looked for was Leodex, this number surprised me because 42.2% visitors in my country, many Venezuelans use this platform to exchange their money earned by the platform, making this the best way to receive money. That it is one of the best platform for my country, to generate money working as a Blogger


Quality of Internet Service in Venezuela?

These numbers for our country are good, because the other side of the coin of my country is the great problem that exists in my country, the bad internet service. We are number 137 in the world with mobile speeds and 162 with broadband, the internet speed in my country is disgusting. In the image below you can see how the speeds are in my country.



There are many people to be able to work with the internet, some get lost, others get up early, but not having as a limitation that the internet is bad to get some income. Others invest in private internet that a little faster than the public service.

Work as a Blogger in Venezuela?

Earning money either in an extra way or in a complete way as a full-time worker as a blogger, is much better than dedicating a time in a job 40 hours a week that per month your reward or payment will be less than a dollar. Of course these depending on the country we are in, in my country Venezuela it is much more feasible to work as a blogger than any economic activity.

  • Working from home has many benefits, at the same time commitment, you must make a schedule for work as a blogger, another for home commitments.
  • You must create a unique space for this type of work, do not disturb your concentration.

There are more and more people from my country who are venturing into the world of cryptocurrency, because of the great situation we are experiencing. Where they can obtain an income to shovel this economy, thus being able to support their families.

The money obtained by this platform is not devalued like our local currency, but its value increases every day, despite the fact that my country does not have businesses that receive this type of currency like Leo, Venezuelans exchange it to HIve and then in we take an exchange house to our local currency.

Currently I have used two:

Thank you for reading…
****Celimar Muñoz.

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Awesome post and very insightful in terms of what the people of Venezuela are going through on a day to day basis in these trying times.

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I am like you @rollandthomas.

Posts like this get me juiced especially since we can see how just our upvote alone can make a huge difference in some people's lives.

Leofinance is already starting to change the world.

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Yes, in Venezuela we are going through many things. Our services are getting worse every day.

The food is more expensive every day

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Very insightful.

It does make sense. If the minimum wage pays the equivalent of $1 USD per month, then one surely must be able to make more blogging than putting in 40 hours per week.

Cryptocurrency is certainly an ideal solution to the problem. It is not based upon any local or geographic economy. It is also outside the bounds of government intervention.

It is always good to read your stuff. This is one of your best posts yet.

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That is what differentiates the Cryptocurrency, that the government is not involved. They are the worst corrupt.

Thank you, when I started to publish for the first time I also made mistakes, but little by little I was perfecting myself. But the big difference here in leofinance, I always get good advice. You are one of them, thanks to the entire Leo family, I thank you for your advice, support and for the rewards that I receive every day that helps me put bread on the table.

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You are welcome.

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I enjoyed reading about your country and how inflation is running wild, is your minimum wage 1 dollar per hour, day, or week?

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I'm glad you enjoyed my post. It IS a monthly payment.
Venezuela's minimum monthly salary is equal to less than one dollar

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It's sad but incredible at the same time.

Wishing you all the best Venezuelians! 🇻🇪

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Thanks for your good wishes.

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Venezuela and it's government is really in shambles like the way the inflation eats deep you'd begin to wonder how the future of the country will be like

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What I most want this economy to change. So that the person can buy their things.

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Are you sure it's not $1 per day? I can't wrap my head around $1 per month. That's mind-boggling.

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Me too, thats legit can't be possible even in the poorest parts of Africa they live on like 80 to $100 per month

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The person looks for extra activities to earn dollars. Example, a cousin of mine makes diesel cooking. Since the other great deficiency of my country is that we do not have domestic gas. We have to engineer it with an electric stove, firewood, currently a diesel kitchen.

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Yes, I know it is something incredible but it is true less for a dollar. Minimum monthly salary

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Amazing story good information. This is the type of data i like to collect. I'm glad you're benefiting from blockchain technology and Venezuela has served in many of our minds as a perfect example of that. My concerns are how do we make this an effective global solution.

For example the data you provided shows a large amount of interest from Venezuela. Venezuela having around 30 million inhabitants? I think it's safe to say the majority of the country is ill impacted by the economic crisis. So my intial thoughts as we discussed in a prior conversation we did not complete i got busy unfortunately. This would seem key to the solution.

Where the data becomes inconsistent for me i'm only seeing 6,338 leo accounts in total. Leo is quite new however Steem and Hive has existed nearly 5 years now and i'm still guessing the number of Venezuelan users under the circumstances are not joining. So that moves me to many of the points you bring up in your article. The lack of access to good services such as internet, computers.. electricity .. time to access and blog etc.,

The other concern i'd raise is how are they getting the skills to blog. I understand blogging may be easy to some but i've met with people on these sites who for them it's not such an easy skill. I'd also mention i believe cryptocurrencies like Electroneum i think have made big strides in helping solve this issue creating not only a school to acquire skills but a service called Anytask that allows people of developing nations to trade off their skills for the cryptocurrency in a micro task workers program.

Although their monthly airdrop which i thought made more sense to everyone was ended i believe prematurely. In dire situations i believe people need cash infusion immediately. My questions to you is do you believe that's a better approach? Micro Task working systems. Do you think more Venezuelans will join the Hive blockchain like in the area of the millions? Looking at the situation what do you feel would be a way to get more Venezuelans using sites such as this?

One of my ideas was more in the range of just deliver them the cryptocurrency on a mobile device. My assumption is that a mobile device is likely more accessible? Sorry for so many questions i tried to follow up from our last conversation

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One upvote from me to Venezuela!

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Very interesting facts, Celimar.

Does the government follow your exchanges? Do you need to tax your income from here? Are this sites followed by the tax or government officials?
Do you use any VPN or other protection, like the Tor browser?

I'm asking all this, as I understand very well the pain you endure, being born behind the iron curtain in a communist state at that time and know how this leeches think and act.

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