So I'm an entrepreneur now

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I wouldn't have thought this time would come where I'm self-employed, but it made more sense in my profession (massage therapist) since being an employee for a company I would have little control on my working schedules. Furthermore, a company would take a 30-40% cut on my work. Though even when working for someone else, in practice it's contract work, meaning that the company buys the service and you have to bill the work you do from the company, so on paper you'd be an entrepreneur, but in practice you're an employee. Which means, I'd have to finance my own pension insurance, too, which is a 200€ bill monthly.

My thought process was that I might as well be a real entrepreneur and have complete control on what I do, since it didn't really fit me that I'd do massage 8 hours 5 days a week. It's very physical work so in that prospect it wouldn't be optimal on the long run, I feel. I've long disliked the standard 40 hour work week, and that is a big reason why I'm heading this way. Though it's not that it would be too much work per se, just that there's little control to decide how much work you'd want to do. For myself I had already outlined my ideal work schedule that would be 6 hours a day, 4 days a week. I've done the math and to achieve 1500€ monthly income – which is actually quite little in Finland, but would satisfy my low costly needs – I'd need about 3-4 clients per day with 4 day working week. Obviously, to get the clients I need to do work also – comes with entrepreneurship, but that I'm actually cool with. I am somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades anyways, so doing the marketing (and the material to it), accounting, web pages and other stuff myself fits me well. Another point on going fully independent is that there's not that much risk in it. I only needed a 5000€ loan which is really small when comparing to starting some other type of business, so even if I would fail, it wouldn't be that bad. But the upside of the risk is that I will reap everything for my work for myself.

Now, last year when I was at school I wasn't too active on Hive, haven't been on this year either, though now that I've started my business, I realized that it won't be such a hassle as it was before the opening, and that I will have a lot of hours on my day that I can – and should – dedicate to something else than just the business. I mean, the point all along of doing less hours was to do more of the things I'd like and enjoy, spend more time with friends and family, right? Well, so I realized that I need to get back to some things, like reading and perhaps writing here some. After a long time I finally opened this new draft because I couldn't really think straight on how start drafting my next advertisement.

The crux of entrepreneurship is that there would be an endless amount of stuff to do, especially on marketing, however, at the same time it is a blessing, because there's no need to get that marketing material ready exactly for tomorrow, because there's always the day after when clients will want a massage, so there's no hurry to get everything done tomorrow.

A huge benefit is also that I will be at work when there's work, unlike in many jobs where you have to be at work by the clock whether you actually had work or not – very frustrating.


My workspace, will take a better shot with a camera soon though.


I might come over to get a massage,could really use one for sure lol and i mean it's not that far since i live in Sweden!

I'm 50% Finnish also,though i don't know the language except for the usual swear words xD

Nice, if you sometime happen to be around Helsinki, come over :D

I'm 50% Finnish also,though i don't know the language except for the usual swear words xD

Haha, my woman was once in Pietarsaari to see a football game, the people there talked in Swedish and swore in Finnish xD

Well could always take ferry over there in the summer since it goes regularly from the nearby town,though i think it only goes to Vaasa so it's still some way to Helsinki,could maybe make it a week trip :)

I actually felt this is the likeliest route you'll take. I remember your articles stating your disdain for the civil service system when you had to do mandatory service. Always suspected someone like that would probably work alone best

You knew it all along :D

congrats on your new adventure. best of luck.


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Congrats on this bold liberating move. May this experience unfold into your purpose and passion :)

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Thank you! I think my passion will be much greater this way than working for someone else.

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Very cool bro! Just wanted to stop by and say hello.

Guess where I am?

Still on the beaches of Koh Phagnan. Heading to Zen beach tonight for sunset where you and I had that little frisbee session. hahaha

Hope you are well, and keep up the great work especially now that you are your own boss! Congratulations on that! Have a great day! -Dan

Nice, been in Koh Phagnan the whole time? How's things there now during the pandemic?

Zen beach is a special place, good memories :)

Thanks for stopping by, Dan!

No, I was motorbiking through Vietnam when the pandemic got started last year. I got on one of the last flight back to Thailand. Since then spent a lot of time up north in Chiang Mai and now been back in Koh Phagnan for a month. There was almost no pandemic here in Thailand. 96 dead and like 30,000 cases or something. For a while there like zero cases for months, then suddenly there has been some outbreaks, but the government and people do a good job of containing it.

You're in Norway? Is that right? How are things there?

Nah, I was on a roadtrip in Norway like two years ago, I'm safe and sound at home in Finland. Was lucky that I ended up in a relationship just when the pandemic hit. I haven't really followed the pandemic situation here, though I know that the government forced closure on restaurants, sucks for the entrepreneurs and workers in that industry big time. I just hope that summer would be closer to normal, because there would be a badass lineup for a festival we have tickets for.

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Right Finlind. Forgot, they both almost the same for us Americans......then again what do we know. hahaha

That is great that you got yourself a nice girlfriend to spend your time with while the world is upside down.

Glad to hear you are doing well buddy.