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RE: $80 Billion to Steal 800

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Keep your opinions off normal social media unless you want to get a little visit from your friendly IRS, like the tea party. The IRS may be gearing up for round 2, Obama administration on steroids.....maybe...because we know Joe ain't running no show. Crypto> US dollar


Last time I logged into Facebook I threw up in my mouth a little.


I just went to FB to grab this bit from a typical liberal "friend" of mine

I tuned in late to Biden’s speech. I liked everything I heard him say and I think he and his administration are doing a great job. I loved seeing two women seated behind him as he addressed the nation. Very inspiring image.

My experience of left and right has not been, as you said

The left is actually a bit more self-aware than the right, so the liberals are beginning to realize that "the lesser of two evils" in this case is actually still really bad.

The leftists in my neck of the woods are all zombies. It's very strange that anyone could look at that tableau and think it an inspiring image. I thought it looked more like a group of kidnappers or thugs who were holding us all hostage, which of course they very much are.