How long it takes to build a max account on splinterlands

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Hello famz, it has been a wonderful ride along with other players on splinterlands, i started playing shoemanchu account last 2 months i think and it has been fun playing for him.. Recently shoe set a new goal for himself and that is making aother max deck from scratch through our earnings from the shoemanchu account...

We started from no cards at all and you will be amazed at how far we have gone within a month that we have started, i am going show you how far we have progressed...


Look at those legendary untamed summoners that are already at level 2and the normal summoners too are in level which makes them for silver league, it is not easy getting those legendary summoner because they are scarce and the most expensive of them which is zaku can't be easily bought off the market due to its high price and so far we have gotten 3 of it which makes it level 2 and we need 8 more to max it, somehow we are yet to get the earth leg summoner and chanseus of the life since he started opening the packs which makes me wonder why those cards are so scarce in packs opening......


The fire splinter is also looking good at level 4, silver league level and so are the rest of the other splinterlands too as most are in level 4 and just few are still stuck in level 3 and 2 and i believe soon they will be levelled up either by packs or picking them up in the market, i think the common cards will later be picked in the market cos we are going to need a whole lot of them to max!

Today shoe opened 2 dice packs and this are the result


In the first pack he got 1 common card, 3 rares and 1 epic, what makes it worth it is that the three rares are summoners, in the rules and tips of splinterlands we were advised to level up em summoners first so this is great!


In the second pack, he got 4 common cards and one rare summoner, this doesn't look so good but nonetheless no card is useless, all are needed in the maxing of the account...

The goal is to get all the common cards to level 8 and the legendary summoners to level 3, max for the gold league then from there we go for champion max! i think shoe will be able to achieve that within a period of 3 months if that is not too much lol

May God help us!


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All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

That is a wise approach Shoe-burl team. It seems like it will not be that long to achieve that goal. Keep the potential going!

Yea, exactly my thought...thanks rehan ji

Soon.. I hope you guys actualize this goal.

thanks my man