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RE: Hive Rewards Distribution System: Good, Bad & Entitlement

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Nicely written post @geekgirl on all of the details most anyone would need (should want) to know to understand the foundational topic of earning “rewards” on our Hive blockchain.

Whatever anyone might think about those details, this pretty well sums it up:

”Best approach, in my opinion, would be to expect nothing from anybody and accept rewards as pleasant surprises.”

Now … If only our human nature would get out of the way and this perspective would “rule the day” here on the Hive blockchain. I can’t speak for you, of course. This Hive blogger is not going to “hold his breath” waiting for that. As it would likely prove to be fatal … 😉

P.S. ”In the real world, for fiat money to hold its value we require interest on our deposit.” Should be the case, yes. In our crazy “new normal,” post-COVID world? I believe we can expect the “insanity” of ZIRP and NIRP to increase …


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Thank you @roleerob!

👍 😉

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