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Seriously, do you know what a witness is?

Not to a crime scene but a witness here?
Yes, a Hive Witness in this specific blockchain matter?

Why should we, you/ I care?

Have you voted your 30 witnesses?
And if you did, do you review?
and how many times do you review your list?

Well hello blondie thank you for coming in with all these difficult questions.


Yes, but this is nesseccary, for all of us!

I do this blog every few months to create awareness, and so I was glad to see this blog by fellow dutchie and friend @friendlymoose on @leofinance yesterday.

Here is the link :


But first some history for newer members of people that haven’t been following me ( you can always do that now ) After the SUNSTEEM experience this was a thing on everybody’s mind, because the witnesses were topic in many conversations. And with the birth of Hive everybody , hopefully changed their list and voted for 30 witnesses total. Some people are still confused as to what a witness is. There's a lot of mixed information and I see so many with a few votes or none. There is maybe not enough new information as to what a witness does, and how much they earn. I'm here to clear this up with this post, with simple and short explanations where possible.

After the re~birth of Hive and the succes of the platform with all of you, we are also successfully onboarding. We are onboarding so many new people these days with so many great initiatives, via twitter, and great communities like #lifestylelounge and all kinds of challenges that I feel there is a new blog needed to educate or better create awareness. Feel free to add any information in the comments , and I will adjust the blog.


Create awareness is the key, a key to knowledge but please in a simple straight way. So to start with, we all have a account and 30 witnesses to vote for when we start blogging. Witnesses process the blocks that make up the entire blockchain. The chain on which you put your ideas, # thoughtfuldailypost, thoughts and daily must~writes . If I may say pretty important. Some people are still confused as to what a witness is.



What is a witness?
A witness is a fundamental part in how the blockchain, in this case Hive blockchain functions. Some people might not be aware of this, but without witnesses you cannot blog! A witness is a person who owns and operates a witness server (which produces the blocks on the blockchain), and they publish a price feed of Hive to the network.
So Witnesses first produce blocks, but second and even as important is they produce a price feed, which is how Hive B Dollars are always worth 1 US Dollar in Hive, using the 7 day exchange for reference and control.



Why should YOU care?
WITNESSES are voted for.
They get voted on, by people like YOU. People that love the blockchain Hive and blogging on Hive. It's just like an election, if you don't vote, other people may vote in witnesses who are malicious or simply unreliable.
Why would you want that?
Witnesses play the role of consensus
(decide whether to hard fork or not)
I will do another blog about that later. For now voting is most important.
Many witnesses, work on important things to help the HIVE network function and grow, and get the word out that we are the best. I know many witnesses are frequent visitors in many discords to have answers to many questions. Or just to show they are dedicated. Some witnesses don't produce any content but do vote and comment on blogs by you and me.


If I haven’t convinced you about VOTING NOW, my blog didn’t do what it was supposed to do and I will take you to the place where the witnesses are shown.

Go to the drop down menu in Peakd. @peakd has the overview and its clear.


The link displayed takes you to the witness page, or account for more information. A proxy is also possible, but always try to give your proxy to someone you trust.


We have several witnesses in OUR DISORD the Terminal, we @thekittygirl and me are grateful for that trust and all of them are excellent, in our humble opinion:

@c0ff33a, @enginewitty, @followbtcnews, @gtg, @guiltyparties, @untersatz

Generally, it is advised to observe the witnesses on-chain and in the discords and vote for the ones that you think are doing a good job keeping servers running, the ones that align with your opinions on governance of the chain, and the ones who are the most conscientious about working for the good of the blockchain and its sustainability.
But thats the in the Terminal.


Coming back to the reason for the blog. The blog by @friendlymoose

Dear @friendlymoose , I have 30, all with their own qualities, additions and views. I saw one has been inactive for 4 months so I changed that to an active witness ( I am active here every day so why vote an inactive witness ) other than that this is what it is now, but might be different next months. I changed @jesta for @Pharesim.
I will try to review every my voting list every 3-4 months, and do an awareness blog.

I appreciate the BLOCK WORK by all. I also was amazed by the voting of people commenting on the previous blog. Clearly we all as early adapters and witnesses didn’t make it clear enough to vote. And that changed because we all can do it from blogs like these.
I even answered a question from a terminal this morning about “ if voting for witnesses cost hive?” Well a very legitimate question, but no it does not cost you its will only take a few minutes of your precious time.

If you haven’t got a clue or yet know your thirty, look in on the list of someone you trust on Hive and copy the list for now, than you will have the 30 inthe pocket and the list can be changed any time.

So I call on you and all others that will comment to this blog,
help out or go and vote your 30.

If you have questions, there is so much available online.
Also put the two most important tasks on the agenda for this week :

The two things that are important


@Abh12345, would you consider putting the witness voting row back in the engagement league numbers on sunday, just for awareness?

And if you have no recovery account set and you get a notice on your blog please read this :

This is so important so every other quarter I will do another so this text is partially taken from a blog earlier produced by me on hive to create awareness, I did many in my three years here.
So its me “the source “ hahahah.


! [D91084FCF6484DC0A7BCC97CCBBEC927.jpeg] (

En serio, ¿sabes qué es un testigo?

¿No a la escena de un crimen, sino a un testigo aquí?
Sí, ¿un testigo de la colmena en este asunto específico de blockchain?

¿Por qué debería importarnos a nosotros?

¿Ha votado a sus 30 testigos?
Y si lo hiciste, ¿opinas?
y cuantas veces revisa su lista?

Bueno, hola rubia gracias por venir con todas estas preguntas difíciles.

Sí, pero esto es necesario, ¡para todos nosotros!

Hago este blog cada pocos meses para crear conciencia, por lo que me alegró ver este blog de un compañero holandés y amigo @friendlymoose en @leofinance ayer.

Aquí está el enlace:


Pero primero un poco de historia para los miembros más nuevos de las personas que no me han estado siguiendo (siempre puedes hacerlo ahora) Después de la experiencia de SUNSTEEM, esto era algo que todos tenían en la mente, porque los testigos fueron tema de muchas conversaciones. Y con el nacimiento de Hive todos, con suerte cambiaron su lista y votaron por 30 testigos en total. Algunas personas todavía están confundidas sobre lo que es un testigo. Hay mucha información mixta y veo muchas con pocos votos o ninguno. Tal vez no haya suficiente información nueva sobre lo que hace un testigo y cuánto gana. Estoy aquí para aclarar esto con esta publicación, con explicaciones simples y breves cuando sea posible.

Después del renacimiento de Hive y el éxito de la plataforma con todos ustedes, también nos estamos incorporando con éxito. Estamos incorporando a tanta gente nueva en estos días con tantas iniciativas geniales, a través de Twitter, y excelentes comunidades como #lifestylelounge y todo tipo de desafíos que creo que se necesita un nuevo blog para educar o crear mejor conciencia. Siéntase libre de agregar cualquier información en los comentarios, y ajustaré el blog.

Crear conciencia es la clave, una clave para el conocimiento pero por favor de una manera sencilla y directa. Así que, para empezar, todos tenemos una cuenta y 30 testigos por los que votar cuando empezamos a escribir un blog. Los testigos procesan los bloques que componen toda la cadena de bloques. La cadena en la que pones tus ideas, # reflexiva publicación diaria, pensamientos y deberes diarios ~ escribe. Si puedo decir bastante importante. Algunas personas todavía están confundidas sobre lo que es un testigo.


¿Qué es un testigo?
Un testigo es parte fundamental en cómo funciona la cadena de bloques, en este caso Hive blockchain. Es posible que algunas personas no se den cuenta de esto, ¡pero sin testigos no se puede bloguear! Un testigo es una persona que posee y opera un servidor testigo (que produce los bloques en la cadena de bloques), y publica un feed de precios de Hive en la red.
Entonces, los Testigos primero producen bloques, pero en segundo lugar e incluso tan importante es que producen un feed de precios, que es como los dólares de Hive B siempre valen 1 dólar estadounidense en Hive, utilizando el intercambio de 7 días como referencia y control.

¿Por qué debería importarle a USTED?
Los TESTIGOS son votados.
Son votados por personas como USTED. Personas que aman la cadena de bloques Hive y los blogs de Hive. Es como una elección, si no vota, otras personas pueden votar a testigos maliciosos o simplemente poco confiables.
¿Porqué querrías eso?
Los testigos desempeñan el papel de consenso (decide si hacer un hard fork o no)
Haré otro blog sobre eso más tarde. Por ahora votar es lo más importante.
Muchos testigos trabajan en cosas importantes para ayudar a que la red HIVE funcione y crezca, y hacen correr la voz de que somos los mejores. Sé que muchos testigos son visitantes frecuentes en muchos desacuerdos para tener respuestas a muchas preguntas. O simplemente para demostrar que están dedicados. Algunos testigos no producen ningún contenido, pero votan y comentan en blogs tuyos y míos.

Si no los he convencido de VOTAR AHORA, mi blog no hizo lo que se suponía que debía hacer y los llevaré al lugar donde se muestran los testigos.

Vaya al menú desplegable en Peakd. @peakd tiene la descripción general y está claro.

El enlace que se muestra lo lleva a la página de testigos o cuenta para obtener más información. Un proxy también es posible, pero siempre intente dar su proxy a alguien en quien confíe.

Tenemos varios testigos en NUESTRO TRASTORNO la Terminal, nosotros @thekittygirl y yo estamos agradecidos por esa confianza y todos ellos son excelentes, en nuestra humilde opinión:

@c0ff33a, @enginewitty, @followbtcnews, @gtg, @guiltyparties, @untersatz

En general, se recomienda observar a los testigos en la cadena y en los desacuerdos y votar por los que cree que están haciendo un buen trabajo manteniendo los servidores en funcionamiento, los que se alinean con sus opiniones sobre el gobierno de la cadena y los que son los más conscientes de trabajar por el bien de blockchain y su sostenibilidad.
Pero eso es lo de la Terminal.


Volviendo al motivo del blog. El blog de @friendlymoose

Estimado @friendlymoose, tengo 30, todos con sus propias cualidades, adiciones y puntos de vista. Vi que uno ha estado inactivo durante 4 meses, así que lo cambié a un testigo activo (estoy activo aquí todos los días, así que ¿por qué votar como testigo inactivo) aparte de que esto es lo que es ahora, pero podría ser diferente los próximos meses? Cambié @jesta por @Pharesim.
Intentaré revisar todas mis listas de votantes cada 3-4 meses y hacer un blog de concientización.

Agradezco el TRABAJO EN BLOQUE de todos. También me sorprendió la votación de las personas que comentaron en el blog anterior. Claramente, todos nosotros, como primeros adaptadores y testigos, no dejamos lo suficientemente claro para votar. Y eso cambió porque todos podemos hacerlo desde blogs como estos.
Incluso respondí una pregunta desde una terminal esta mañana sobre "¿si votar por testigos cuesta colmena?" Bueno, una pregunta muy legítima, pero no, no te cuesta, solo te tomará unos minutos de tu precioso tiempo.

Si no tiene ni idea o aún conoce sus treinta, busque en la lista de alguien en quien confía en Hive y copie la lista por ahora, entonces tendrá el 30 en el bolsillo y la lista se puede cambiar en cualquier momento.

Así que les pido a ustedes y a todos los demás que comentarán en este blog,
ayuda o ve y vota tu 30.

Si tiene preguntas, hay mucho disponible en línea.
También ponga las dos tareas más importantes en la agenda de esta semana:

Las dos cosas que son importantes


@ Abh12345, ¿consideraría volver a colocar la fila de votación de los testigos en los números de la liga de compromiso el domingo, solo para concientización?

Y si no tiene configurada una cuenta de recuperación y recibe un aviso en su blog, lea esto:

Esto es tan importante que cada dos trimestres haré otro, por lo que este texto está parcialmente tomado de un blog que produje anteriormente en Hive para crear conciencia, hice muchos en mis tres años aquí.
Así que soy yo "la fuente" jajaja.

Gracias por visitarnos, se agradece y recuerde que se concentran en ser creativos en lugar de ser divertidos.
Las acciones consistentes crean resultados consistentes.
No todo el mundo es un bloguero, pero todo el mundo tiene algo genial que ofrecer.

* Amante de la vida y L❤️ve en general - @ brittandjosie *

Thank you for stopping by, its appreciated and remember focus on being creative instead of being bee-zy.
Consistent Actions Create Consistent Results.
Not everyone is a blogger but everyone has something great to offer.

Lover of Life and L❤️ve in General - @brittandjosie

I am a proud member off the #theTerminal #LIFESTYLELOUNGER @ladiesofhive #needleworkmonday and #payitforward and #steemitmamas. Co founder for @theterminal, @heyhaveyamet and @steem-aide

(c) All images and photographs, unless otherwise specified, are created and owned by me. @brittandjosie originals. Sources used : Pixabay and Pexels and with others its mentioned in my blog. I only use a canon camera and my iPhone.

I would like to thank you for reading my blog, feel free to leave me any feedback, if not, read you next time.



The Discord terminal invite for you and your friends :


Blog Date : 22 february 2021


After my blog I ran through the list again and added a few more.
The problem is that I don't know most of the witnesses and most of them don't share a lot of information or have really outdated information.
It's good to create more awareness on this subject! Well done!

I know that they aren’t sharing that much information so I go by what I have seen 3 years here on hive and steem.
And some do reply in the comments and in discord some also are active answering questions. Hopefully we see some replying in the comments here
Thanks for the reblog

Most of the top Witnesses are just too busy making sure everything you expect to happen does happen - I'm not sure I can explain everything but this is what I am contributing to Hive at the moment

Most of the top Witnesses are just too busy making sure everything you expect to happen does happen

I have to take your word on that because I just don't know. And I think many other users don't know too. I've clicked some info links on the witnesses page and a lot of the top witnesses have info that is years old.

I think there is a job for witnesses to tell what they do for the platform to create awareness for the importance of witnesses and their contribution.
I will read your post now :)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 45 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you for your continued support of my Witness, I really do appreciate every vote I get because it feels like a justification for the work I put in - which is often in the background and unseen. Ironically I just started a Witness update post which should be posted later tonight and will cover just a few of the things I personally do to support Hive Blockchain.

Please put a link here aswell, i dont get a lot of traffic from witnesses that are on my list and i want the readers to read from the witnesses aswell

Here you go, not the greatest piece of writing in the world

Wow! This is quite detailed and answered every question I may have about Witnesses. You had me at, "... without witnesses you cannot blog!" to be convinced that I should vote for them.

I don't understand what 'hard fork' means and will look forward to your blog on that. One other question - how often do we vote for witnesses? Once a month or daily?

I'll take time to go through the list through my peakd page to know the ones that are active. Thank you! 👏👏

Once you have your 30 you dont have to do anything than sometimes look if all are still active.
Hardfork is for now not important. Do this and the other tasks in the blog first
This blog is slightly different than the link i gave you so maybe read this one aswell it got links to other blogs that might be interesting to you

Just shared some LUV for this reminder. Admittedly I need to do this. See the LUV tokens on httpz://

Gracias por esta información. Llevo varios meses aquí y no sabía de qué se trataba esto.

Great post. I just posted about this same thing yesterday from the perspective of a new user.

Please drop a link here! I will go to your blog now and read

Awareness on Hive governance is one the pillars that makes this blockchain decentralized.

Other than voting for a witness, i guess the second most important is to vote for a Proposals. Since the first one is for security of the chain, Proposals strengthen the economic side of our blockchain.

My arguments is, let the Hive fund for proposals be earned and used by as many workers on the chain even if the project seems long fetched, still it is an economic activity.

Hope you can make a post too about the importance of voting for (many) proposals.

Good day friend.

Well @guruvaj let’s do that together, Ofcourse that is an very important aswell and we need both but let’s start with the 30 first, and the proposals part is needed too for the future of hive. I am always in discord when you want to talk and do the blog. If you don’t want that I will do it Ofcourse

It's great to remind and inform people of the need to review witnesses often.

It still saddens me that there are so many votes still on stale and disabled witnesses.

Thankfully the witness list is getting better each month with those broken ones moving down the ranks more and more.

My witness node - Stream on

Yeas and I thank you as a witness for the comment. It is important and eventhough there could be explanations for both disabled witnesses and for votes that are from people not blogging and we need to stay and blog about it to create awareness and hopefully change things for a better future

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Glad you put it all in Spanish too! Happy to witness for you alongside so many others and am glad you revisit your votes often. That will be a key component moving forward as vote decay come into play (finally) with this next hardfork (be probably 4 months yet, but it's on the board). And so right with new people coming that want to actively participate in where the chain goes!😇🤗

Excellent post and reminder to all members about the people quietly working to keep Hive blockchain running smoothly.

This an excellent reminder for everyone!
Thank you!