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The rally could continue πŸš€

Last Friday, a signal was also formed shortly before the close of trading. The breakout even succeeded and thereupon I suspected an up gap on Monday. This gap was there but very small, you just can not always be right. Today, one does not have to worry about this PG at 31441 points, because we are already trading far above this mark again. Who has still not found a way to jump on the bandwagon, even gets a chance today.


New PG on the hourly chart

The PG party is concentrated on the hourly chart in the Dow. In other indices, there are much larger signals but in the Dow, you just prefer to drive on sight. The rally is now also already far run but which market is not. So it is again new game new luck.

PGTrigger point topTrigger point bottom

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Performance H1 PG 31441 = 279 Points

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