Bitcoin shaved the 50K mark // Two active PGs and waiting for a breakout

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Bitcoin shaved the 50K mark and we have two aktive PGs


In the last days we accumulate more Dollars to break the important 50K resistance zone. In general now we have built a bearish flag. The Bulls have to spread more love in the market to distroy the bearish signal.


Two PGs can handle this problem

If we can see a breakout including a positive closing price, then i could expect much higher prices. Therfore we need to break the red trendline on the top but it's looking good for now.

If we get new signals or a conclusion in the existing PGs, then i will put it in the comments.

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@break-out-trader good analysis from you sir...any further breakout in price will lead the Bitcoin price to the 60000$ mark which is a good news for every crypto investor....

60K sounds like a good round number 😉