Would you go on a mystery flight?

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My wife and I were sitting around the house the other day watching the news when a story came on about an airline that was offering mystery flights to travelers. This might not be the first time this has ever happened, but it was definitely the first time I have ever heard anything like it.

I had to do a little digging on Google to figure out it is Qantas airlines that is offering the special.

My wife and I were talking about this and we were trying to figure out exactly how much information they give you. What if you packed for cold weather and they sent you to the tropics? On the other hand, what if you packed for the beach and they sent you to Greenland?

Well, I can now verify that neither of those scenarios would be an issue because as most of you probably know (but I didn't), Qantas is an Australian Airline and the mystery flights are taking place to destinations on that continent.

The idea is to bolster travel to certain tourist areas that have seen a reduction in visitors due to the Covid Pandemic.

As I read more about it, it becomes clear that I am not sure this is something I would want to do. You only get one day to explore the area that they are flying you to, and economy tickets start at $577. To be fair, that cost does include the cost of the activities you are participating in, but it still seems a little steep to me.

I would think if they are really trying to drum up business they would make the price more attractive. Additionally, since they never fly you more than two hours from your origin point, I am not sure how cost effective it would be to upgrade your ticket to first class or anything higher than economy.

It reminds me of the one time I got to fly first class. It was a connecting flight from my local airport to Detroit so we were in the air a whopping 18 minutes or something like that. Such a massive waste!

Do you think this is a good way for them to drum up business? Would you go on one of these trips for the price specified?

My misgivings aside, I do think it is cool that these travel industries are starting to think outside the box a little and come up with ideas that might appeal to people who are just itching to get out and do some travelling. If they offered something like this in the states, and the price was a little less, I would almost be tempted to jump on board!

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With all the arsing around you have to endure checking in, waiting about, taxi-ing, plane delayed etc.., you wouldn't have much day left to do anything.

Good point.

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Great points! I used to love flying but I kind of can't stand it now. I will do it when I have to, but I'd much rather drive. Doesn't bode well for my hopes to cross the pond some day!

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It depends if it includes an overnight stay, but still a lot of faffing around for 1-2 days. Long flights... urghh.. I hate them. The last one was SF4 (Bangkok), but I am still hoping to get down to St Lucia sometime, maybe next year.

I think I could handle a long flight if I could afford to be in first class. Economy, no way!

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They are generally 4x cattle class prices, aka outrageous.

In fact not
I found it is so hard to try new things
May be I go to the same place that I have enjoyed several times rather than trying a new place
I don't like mystery except in movies :)

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Haha, I am with you there on a lot of those things. My wife and I always find ourselves going back to the same places to eat. You just can't compete with a place you are comfortable with that puts out quality food. It's the same way with vacation destinations!

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Yes, they'd have to charge a lot less for me to even consider doing something like this. That said, if you're a couple without kids or young with a couple buddies, it might be fun the take a "flyer" (pun intended) and see where you land.

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Yeah, I think if the price were closer to maybe $300 I would be more likely to consider it. That is probably about my sweet spot right there.

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The price seems a bit spicy imo for a surprise flight considering that you're only spending a day over there and that's a two hours flight.

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I agree!

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have never know if that kind of promotion exist, since the price for traveling by air is still quite expensive in my place, having a mystery flight might be not an ordinary play, as it will cost you a good amount to just to try to get into an uncrowded tourist destination.

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