Why OCD is the new Curie

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I am sure if you think back really hard you can remember a time when rewards were really hard to come by on the Hive blockchain. Maybe it was three years ago, maybe it was just yesterday.

When I started on the chain in early 2018, I was amazed at some of the payouts that posts were getting. Of course now I realize those posts were using bidbots and the rewards were very artificial. At the time, I was oblivious and I thought to myself, I can totally do that.

Sure enough, reality hit and after several weeks of rewards in the $.01 to $.10 range I was ready to give up. Then it happened... I can't remember what the post was about, but I remember that I got a Curie and it was pretty much the most magical thing I had ever seen.

I was absolutely over the moon and it gave me the kick I needed to keep going. Sure enough, over the next couple of years I was lucky enough to receive a couple more Curie's and they were a constant reminder that this was definitely where I belonged.


Fast forward three years and I can't tell you now the last time I got a Curie. I guess at some point my account got too big. You know what I do still get from time to time? An atta-boy vote from the OCD curation group that keeps me moving forward.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying the upvotes are the only thing that keep me here, but they are a little push or reminder from time to time that this is all worth it.

I was able to onboard my worker a couple of months ago to Hive. I noticed the other day that he was curated by OCD and got a nice upvote on this post. I was seriously as excited for him over that vote as I was the day I got that first Curie.

I think it is really awesome that the OCD group is out there actively curating content from all levels of author and all manner of communities. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a whale in our pocket, so it is nice to know that @OCD is out there and they have our backs.

I think @curie is still out there and I think they are still doing what they have always done in supporting quality authors, but I think their vote isn't anywhere near what it used to be. Maybe I am wrong.

Anyway, in my opinion I feel that OCD has become the new Curie and that is definitely something to be proud of on their part.

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For me OCD is not the new Curie and they can't be compared because they are complementary 😉 Creating a competition between all the curation teams on Hive is a nonsense (I know this is not your goal but the title of your post can make confusing).

OCD does a wonderful job on HIVE. The idea of the OCD Communities Incubation Program by @acidyo (yep, I tag you but you reblogged this post 🤣) was a really great move and, for me, contributed to make this awesome improvement in the quality of posts since one year, making all these communities hyper attractive. Just look at the Steem feed to see that Hive is light years ahead on quality content 👍 I think the OCD team has found its optimal configuration with talented curators who are also amazing writers/photographers.

Curie, for their part, are on completely different move, both in terms of voting power (10 Million HP vs 0.5 Million HP) and target of their votes. Curie focuses more on minorities and the work they do for non-English speaking Hivians who have few resources is really great. I see it every day for the Thai community for example. They have created an international team of curators to be able to do this with all the difficulties that it implies and with the little resources they have I think they are doing a really great job (as @curangel or @qurator)

Each of them is essential to HIVE and I can only be grateful for the time they all spend on it.

You've grown since you've been here and I understand that your relationship with Curie has grown apart in relation to their upvote on your posts but that's just the feeling you have. In France we say: "Far from the eyes, Far from the heart" to express these feeling 😉

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Fully agree with your first paragraph.

We've been focusing on communities for now and accepting native language + english and only allowing the English part to be AI translated if we have a curator who speaks the native language to curate and check for plag, etc. We're hoping to move back into the "international curation" we ran for over a year back after the last bull run. This time hopefully the price sticks and the effects from our voting power remains to be able to cover all of that again. :)

I was sure you were a man of great ambition 🤣 I also have the impression that you never sleep 🤔 By the way, thank you to all OCD for what you do (and will do) for all the creators, it's a bias, but for me, they represent the wealth of Hive, much more than the investors 😉

I keep postponing my sleep for when there's less things to do around here and Hive is doing better, seems that during a bull run there's also a lot to do. Guess I'll wait til I'm dead. :p

I hold no ill will towards Curie. They aren't what they used to be though. Back in the day they had that Steemit Inc delegation and they basically were "the" powerhouse for curation. That isn't the case anymore. Yes, OCD is more prevalent for me, but I feel they have eclipsed Curie. Perhaps even Curangel for that part has eclipsed Curie. If you look at the scope of content they are supporting it is far more broad of a range. I definitely think Curie has their place, but I also think they have lost a step to OCD. I stand by my post title.

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Thanks for your reply @bozz. For me, the point of view on this subject is the same as in science, where it depends on the observer's place in space-time, on Hive it depends on your place/region in the world (the beauty of this blockchain with its communities not only by affinity but also by spoken language). Same as science too, the point of view is for a particular moment and maybe in a future our pov will be the same 😉 And I give you the point for the Steemit Inc delegation (but HP doesn't do everything when you don't reach all the targets), for Curangel nice try but not yet (I mean I think they are on the way too, but not yet reached everywhere).

Curie are still about, I dished one out a few minutes ago. It is different now, but I use the same criteria I always did. Effort, originality, more focus on long content, low rep, low rewards. Not everyone is the same, we are all individuals.

That is cool. I don't think it holds the same weight it did as when they had the big delegation. Maybe it just feels that way since I haven't gotten a big one in a long time!

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Oh yeah, I remember the bid bot era and had the same experience as you for the first 6 months or so. Was ready to chuck in the towel, then I had a curie vote that put one of my first travel posts up on trending which was no small thing when so many votes were bought.

After the fork I think curie suffered a little as they were pushed out of the top 20 and also some of the whales on the curation trail following its vote have powered down like hendrik (?).

OCD had a whitelist of authors that were manually curated first which then gave access to use their bidbot at the time before HF20 when the curation model changed to 50/50. But they still kept support of original content and also combated some of the spam/copy pasters on HIVE so they are definitely one of the good ones!

Congratulations to your friend for getting noticed!

Yeah, I am thinking I was probably more excited than he was when I saw the upvote. For sure, OCD has definitely evolved into something really awesome. They were one of the more ethical bid bots back in the day, but now even more so they are just great.

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Means a lot that people remember and I'm glad many of you oldtimers are still around and are hopefully enjoying the price action lately. Cheers @bozz and @nickyhavey!

PS. It's been a blast being able to curate newcomers during these price adjustments, hopefully we're able to do even more now with @lovesniper to not miss out on any new users and help them get started on Hive!

No worries mate, keep doing what you're doing! The recent price action has made the journey worth it!

Is there a curation trail set up for the lovesniper account? Will happily follow it to give the support for newcomers a little bump to set them on their way!

That sounds really awesome! The future is looking brighter and brighter. I still remember you were my first big comment vote. I commented on one of your WoW posts and you upvotes me for like $10 to $20. It has always stuck with me how important it is to grow your account so your vote can be that powerful.

Yep I remember getting an 80$ upvote from Curie back in Dec 2017. It hooked me in.

Oh yeah, hopefully we see those days again soon! I remember how awesome it was just watching your Ginabot blow up from all the trail votes!

Ah yes, I joined in 2017 and got amounts that wouldn't even pay out 🤣 its great having the support from communities and other players.

I have staked 100% of payouts and bought into other Hive communities. I have also invested cash into it.

I hope to provide that same joy to others as I get when I receive an upvote from these wonderful support groups.

I've also jumped on the curation trails to help them

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It sounds like we have taken similar paths. My goal is to become big enough that I can let my autovotes sustain me via curation and then I just sprinkle some huge upvote love here and there manually each day.

Yeah that's what I want to do too. I have it worked out that auto votes kick in when I'm sleeping and during the day I upvote. Occasionally there are really good posting days where people post alot of good things and I drop too much in power :(

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Yeah, that just makes a lot of sense. Manually curating could be a full time job so you have to rely on that auto voter to some degree.

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Yup, I'm just trying to figure out my next step in regards to curation.

I typically try to upvote alot of users at 25% of my VP. I also match Hive with Leo so you get a double. The Hive can support new user growth to build Resource credits. As well as growing Leo power. Or if you don't need the RC helps grow Hive or use to buy more Leo.

But I'm thinking of upvoting Less accounts but for a higher upvote amount.

I just don't know.

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I'm going on three months here and have certainly enjoyed great support from @curie. Really makes me happy. I'll say @ocd is doing great too though they have not paid my posts a visit in a long while. Now I understand posts are manually curated. I guess we need these encouragements from time to time 😁

They definitely help me and a lot of other people too. It is awesome to be part of a community with so many great benefactors.

Oh, yes! I remember very well my first @curie, it was magical :)

I agree!

This is awesome @bozz! I can remember those days of little to no upvotes, and then like magic, I got my first Curie! I was over the moon because, CURIE! I have been here since June 2017 and I have not powered down. I should be a little bigger, but, running a challenge with no outside support takes a lot of voting power to reward the people for their hard work putting those post together, #MarketFriday is a lot of work, but, people have continued to post in it since I came to the platform (Steem) It forked over nicely. Anyway, my vote wasn't big enough, so I tipped everyone, not realizing for over a year, closer to two that it was one of the reasons I wasn't growing as fast as most.

When they changed how they tip, I stopped. I now have a big enough vote so that I don't need to, but, I won't get carried away, not tooo big. :))

I actually have no idea how @ocd selects, but, I like knowing that another person can experience the joy and excitement that I have had. @curie still votes just smaller and more spread out than that humongous vote. :)

Yeah, those two or three curies I got early probably kept me from giving up. OCD is pretty much all about manual curation for the communities. They have an incubation program for the sports tribe. I am guessing they do something like that for many others as well.

curie is still around, think they still do the support for smaller accounts mostly. and when price goes to the 2018 the vote will be a good push for new people.

OCD is good in collaboration with communities and when we get those new options i think the OCD community could be an interesting place for discovering all kind of content. No idea what their plan is, but it would be interesting to see if they do something like only sharing curated posts in their community (so no posts that are not curated by them).

Yeah, I think I have gotten a couple small curie votes in the past year. I think OCD has a Discord server. You should check it out. They are doing a lot with cross platform promotion to help get the word out about Hive.

I guess at some point my account got too big.

It’s a nice problem to have. 😁

Yes, I reckon it is!

I'm uber proud to be part of their team these days. Ethical is right.. it's all about manual curation and supported people where it's due. I get the buzz you are talking about in kinda reverse.. it's such a beautiful thing to know you have helped bring a buzz to people's day! I will never forget that feeling back on the old platform either.. I'm still here 3 years later because of it, and giving back where I can to the community I adore.

I don't know if it was you or someone else, but yesterday was the first time one of my posts went above 100. I almost wet myself I was so excited! It really does a lot to encourage people to keep posting. I was bouncing off the walls all day. Getting a huge vote encouraged me to also post in a small community where I know I'll be lucky if a post gets more than $1. Having a successful post just made me want to post again, even though I knew it wouldn't get any traction.

It also encouraged me to power down my main delegation that provides passive income (didn't know it takes 5 days to remove delegations). I want my votes to be a little more helpful to people. My votes won't be nearly as impactful as OCD, but sometimes a few cents and a nice comment can be encouragement enough.

Thanks OCD team!

That is really awesome! I hope my account is big enough one day that I can bestow that buzz unto others!

I don't monitor what these projects do, but some people seem to get a vote from one of them just about every time. I would think they should spread the love around. I did see OCD have about $400 to a recent post! I do get the odd Curie vote, but I do okay. Some people just seem to be favoured by other big accounts without ever asking for it. There's also rogues like rancho. If he's still controlled by 'H' then I will never get a vote from him :)

I noticed we lost a whale this week, but I don't know which. They must still be an orca. We need more dolphins and orcas to spread the votes around. As Hive grows the big accounts will only be able to support a fraction of the good content.

I am guessing there are a handful that probably seem like they get hit more frequently than others. Curie was the same way back in the day. There were definite favorites. I think a lot of that goes back to it being manual curation and just the nature of the human psyche. People like patterns. Sometimes subconsciously.

Yes, but if it is pointed out to them and they keep doing it then it is favouritism :)

I upvote you all the time though, I think that would be favoritism, but is it necessarily bad? As long as they are still spreading their vote around...

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I think each of us has friends they upvote, but if you have a really large vote then it would be nice to spread the benefits. There is the issue of having the time to do that or whether you automate it somehow. I find the thought of being able to give out huge votes a little scary :)

Like I said, I don't see the problem as long as they are spreading it out a little bit. If my account ever gets huge, I want to be able to pay you and a handful of others back for all the support I have gotten through the years. If that handful of people are the only ones I am upvoting though, then something is definitely wrong.

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i saw a few posts with very good upvotes and i was wondering how people are able to get such massive values.
I am not saying that people only get the upvotes just because of these programs, all i am saying is that they really helps.
As you said, they are the helping hand who keep you motivated to do more and work hard,
It feels awesome when you see ur post with such high value.

I wonder how they select these posts, any idea ?

I know with OCD there are manual curation teams that go through the various communities that they support.

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That's right. Its all.manual, but there are many different criteria for the various programs.

Cool, Thanks a lot for sharing the details.

Thanks a lot for confirming. Appreciate that

I totally agree, I seem to be lucky and get both but I remember back on steem when I got my first blocktrades it was like magic mind you the cannabis community split after 2017😭 slowly getting new back but I see some getting OCD votes and make me proud 🤣🤣

Yes, it is very cool. Oh yeah, the old Blocktrades votes were really awesome too!

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Felicidades, ya ves. La vida apremia amigo usted mismo lo dijo hace años en el 2018 estába pensando en las cosas que podrían surgir. Ahora está aquí en hive y es una gran representación. Valió la pena. Mil bendiciones. Espero que siga cosechando cosas muy buenas


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It’s really nice to get an upvote from whales. I had this first hand experience on leofinance with an upvote from toruk.

Recently, I also got an upvote from ocd and acidyo too which really amazed me and I can’t forget such exciting moment.

I hope to grow to such level one day too and be able to make another person happy ,just like I was

Ah yes, the votes from @onealpha are definitely like an early Christmas present!

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Yes you’re right.

Feels like Christmas

I’m with you on the Curie folks! I got some votes from them and it was the most incredible thing to get as a noob! They are definitely still around, I delegate hive power to them to help keep them going. I’ve gotten a vote or two from them in the past few months so they are certainly still going but I think they are trying to find newer people which is great to see.

With OCD their votes are like a Christmas present lol. I think a lot of community leaders have their ear so they submit posts to them for them to vote on and I think that’s how some of them get it.

Ah yes, I have seen some Curie's floating around, but like I said, they aren't anywhere near where they were when they had the delegation. I think that was the kicker back then. The big delegation from Steemit Inc.

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Very good point here, @bozz!

@ocd team has been doing an excellent good job with their curation projects! Right now, boosting the power of some great communitites in an incredible way.

For sure!

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I am the other way... I get tons from Curie and none from OCD ...

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I was under the impression they based it on reputation which would put you right up there with me, but maybe it has to do with stake. I am glad you are getting something!

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Nope. I get lots upvotes from other people though. Especially Leo. So that is the place to post.

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I can't argue with you there!

I was amazed at some of the payouts that posts were getting. Of course now I realize those posts were using bidbots

I remember when I joined back in 2017 and had no idea what was going on. I wrote this super long intro post which took me hours to write.

I ended up getting like 1c on it and 4 views or so. Then I was scrolling through and saw a berniesanders post with 3 words and a meme or something with like a $1000 reward. It also had dozens of comments. I was so confused!

Thing are so much better now. It's funny, when you go look at Steem right now, those scammy times are totally back but 100x worse. I don't know how they are pumping the price so much. No development.. 100% scammy spam accounts. Sheesh. And 1.20 token.. how?

Yeah, I agree with you. There was a guy posting pictures of his dog totally cleaning up and I was like "I can totally do that, my dog is cute". I reality hit me pretty hard when I realized it was never going to happen that way!

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I remember getting my first CURIE upvote. It was over $100. Amazing! Thanks for the memories. That was 4 years ago now.

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That is awesome! Certainly a great memory to hold onto!

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